Meal Timing Around Your Workouts

When should you eat?
What should you eat?
We recommend eating 1.5-2hrs (for some this may be a little more or less- test it & get to know your body!) before your workout, this way you aren’t heading into your session w/ a heavy stomach. If we have a full meal right before, our body is going to be focused on digesting our food, not towards crushing a hard workout. If you’re someone that workouts out super early, think of your dinner the night before as your pre-workout meal! If you’ve eaten a meal within that 1.5-2 the window but you feel like you need a little something to get you through, try eating a handful of fruit or a small serving of protein.

Especially if you’re heading into a high intensity workout like CrossFit or hopping on your peloton, steer clear of pre-workout meals that have super high fiber &/or fats & you may even want to take it easy on the spices & sauces. No one likes the feeling of garlic or broccoli wanting to come back up mid session!??These meals can take even longer to digest so keep it simple & maybe even a little plain/boring. Foods you know sit really well w/ you are best!

Balanced meals of protein, carbs & fats are great! Examples:
☀️Early Morning Workout: The night before have some grilled chicken, veggies, sweet potatoes & healthy fats like olive oil, avocado, grassfed butter.
☀️Lunchtime Workout: Eat Breakfast 1.5-2 hrs before (or more): Eggs w/ greens & oats w/berries & a little fat like nut butter, chia seeds or just from the egg yolks!
☀️Evening: Lunchtime have a wrap w/ protein, greens & hummus.

Making sure you fuel well helps to get the most out of each workout, feel great & recover!

What time of the day do you workout?