Maybe, just maybe…you shouldn’t be dieting.

We’ve talked about this multiple times but it’s a subject worth repeating. ⠀

A lot of people want to dive into diet land (eating in a calorie deficit) but end up being stuck in the “pass/fail” mindset for months, not making any strides forward. ⠀
Or maybe you’ve been living in diet land way too long and you’re burned out. ⠀

❌If you’ve been dieting more of your adult life than being at maintenace. ⠀

❌You feel like anytime you eat outside of your diet, you gain weight. ⠀

❌If you don’t prioritize sleep, water intake, daily exercise/movement, or eating healthier foods, managing stress.⠀

❌If your stress levels are high or a big life change is coming that could bring high stress. (A breakup, longer works days, working swing shifts, loss of a family member, loss of your job, a PANDEMIC Etc) ⠀

❌ If you feel like you’re a prisoner to hours of working out in order to avoid gaining weight. ⠀

❌ You want to lose weight but mentally, you’re checked out of “dieting.” ⠀

If any of those points sound familiar to you, it’s probably time to think about bringing your calories up to maintenance and hanging out there for awhile. ⠀

There isn’t anything wrong with maintenance, it’s actually a great place to be and a place you should be more often than not. Most people are just scared of it because diet culture as created fear around food and made you believe that you need to be eating less and less.

In our Flex Fuel course, we teach you how to slowly bring your calories up over time, how to find what your maintenance calories are and how to enter a diet phase when you’re ready!

Have questions about the course? Shoot us a message, we’re happy to talk!