Make a List and Check It Twice!

We have all done it, Halloween hits, we start giving in one piece of candy at a time. The month of November starts flying by, Thanksgiving festivities start and the feast begins. December is here before we know it, filled with holiday parties, Christmas celebrations and then New Years seals the deal.You SHOULD enjoy these moments, it’s a magical time of year and the last thing you want to do is miss out or feel like you are in a diet prison!

BUT, think back to past years when you get to the end of the year, you have indulged, indulged and over indulged… how do you feel?

I know that I feel weighed down, more lethargic, wishing I wouldn’t have given in quite so many times and i’m ready to “hit it hard at the New year.”

STOP the cycle! Every single year does not have to be the endless cycle of gorging for two straight months and then trying to undo it at the New Year! Believe it or not we can enjoy the holidays and all they bring and still find balance, moderation and have a REALLY great time!!

Look at the big picture of this next month and a half. Write down every event you have from now until the New Year. Got em? Now count how many days there are in between those. If you can stay on track and stick to the plan on those days, I can bet those days your wrote down won’t derail you even if you let loose a little and enjoy!

Remember, the holidays are only a few days out of the end of the year! Painting a clear picture of what this time of year looks like for you, can help to keep things in perspective and make it much easier to adhere to the plan!

Instead of getting overwhelmed, reach out to your coach (or hire one!) to keep you accountable and stay focused through the homestretch of the year!

Now go make that list!