Francie transformation

Long term sustainable habits>Quick fixes/extreme restrictions

I had a pleasure of working with Francie for the last 3.5 years.

When she first started, she wasn’t familiar with macronutrients and tracking her food wasn’t something she had done regularly before.

In her first year of working with me, Francie was a little nervous about things like travel, vacations, and holidays throwing her off her nutrition plan. She worried that not having perfect tracking would erase all of her hard work but we had many conversations about progress> perfection and with time she gained confidence in tackling those situations.

As a coach, it’s my job to teach my clients how to continue on their journey once their time with me is up. I would love to keep coaching them forever but our philosophy at Flex Fuel is to educate as much as possible so they feel confident eventually doing it on their own. I was lucky to be able to work with Francie for the last 3.5 years and when she told me she thought she was ready to give it a go solo, I knew she would crush it on her own.

Francie transformation

I asked her if she would be willing to write about her journey with us over the last 3.5 years and this is what she had to say….

“I have been with Flex Fuel for 3.5 years consistently. That’s 173 weeks to be exact. Of course, there were breaks here and there; a week off to enjoy vacation or a special occasion with an untracked meal. But, I truly did have Mallory of Flex Fuel as a coach for the entire journey. 

Some people ask me why. I sometimes even wonder this myself. As a well-educated woman, an educator with a Masters, and now someone who also has been certified in health, nutrition, confidence, and mindset coaching, did I really NEED a nutrition coach? For me the answer was easy. Yes. 

You see, I first used Flex Fuel to help me lose weight. Well, really, it wasn’t even about weight as much as it was about health. I would run up my stairs in my house and my heart would beat out of my chest. I was a former high school cheerleader and a current barre instructor and had the mindset that I could outrun my fork. The problem was, I disliked running…or any real form of exercise! I also am not the 18 year old I once was, in fact, far from it! I’m a mom of two. (15 and 13 years old. Both were born via c-sections. Both are very active with ballet and baseball.) I’m a wife of an executive director at a local school. I teach 550 K-2 students. And, now, I also run my own business along side my sister. If there was an excuse, I’m sure over the past 20 years, I have used it. 

Then, something changed. I went to a Flex Fuel seminar and knew the macro lifestyle was just what I needed. I also went to a naturopath and had a complete bloodwork-up done, which found I had 5 times the amount of testosterone in my body than any woman should have and my adrenal glands were basically sleeping! I started my health journey telling Mallory my new “findings” and she worked with all of it making sure I would stay “hormone healthy!” 

Changes began to happen. I remember doing the happy dance the first time I saw my “rib dimples!” (Something I hadn’t seen since high school!) There were days and times getting my macro numbers to fit was downright exhausting. There were moments that I cried or stressed out over the process. But, I stuck with it. As I kept going, it got better. As I kept going, I learned to give myself grace. I may have even lived the “If It Fits My Macros” lifestyle a bit, but it was far healthier than the burger, fries, and milkshakes I was use to. Don’t get me wrong, I have never given up eating those foods, or ice cream, pizza, and alcohol for that matter. However, when you have to make it “fit,” you can’t overdo it! I enjoy ALL foods, just within reason! My kids never thought I was on a “diet,” but they did learn all about macros, eating enough protein, and my “Mallory homework!” 

Could I have stopped 6 months into it? A year? Two years? Yes, but I saw the value in it. I learned I am my biggest and best investment. Not only my health and physical well-being, but my mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being as well. As my health was improving over the past three years, I have transformed into the best version of myself. I carry myself with more confidence. I have shifted my priorities. I have better control of my temper and emotions. I even read the entire Bible! 

I chose to keep working with Mallory because I believe she is invaluable! There is something so empowering about being held accountable, but also knowing you have a supporter along the way! I look forward to being a “macro-counter” for the rest of my life! 

Thank you, Mallory, for all of your love and support!”


Progress takes time. It’s not an overnight fix or a destination you get to and then your job in complete. Healthy habits take time to establish and over the years, those habits may shift and change as your goals and lifestyle does.

Francie has some big goals planned this year. She is now looking to become a coach herself to help support other women by sharing her knowledge and experience she’s gained over the years. I’m excited to continue to watch her transform and become the badass coach I know she’ll be!


If you’re on the fence about working with us and just to want to chat, we’re always happy to hop on a call! Head to the ‘Apply for coaching’ tab at the top of our website and fill out a form. Time is going to pass either way….you get to decide if in a year you’re stuck in the same place or if you’ve made the most of the time you had.

Best wishes to Francie and anyone else who is tackling big goals right now!



Francie transformation

Francie transformation