Kristi P. Age 50

 But I am so excited about my recent six-month journey and accomplishment with the FlexFuel Program. Katy, my mentor, has helped me to eat better, feel better and reach my weight loss and fitness goals.

In my younger years, I was pretty athletic, involved in softball and worked out at the gym. Then came middle age, where I gave up all the sporting activities for myself, focused on my teenage girls by watching their sporting events and settled for just working and relaxing. Aww, the good life! Now the kids are gone, I am past middle age, on my way to retiring soon and want to look and feel better, because I am no spring chicken anymore. In the past I have always struggled with my weight. About three years ago I started running, working out and eating a pretty strict 1200 calorie diet. I was determined to get into that swimsuit for my upcoming vacation. I lost the weight, went on my vacation and felt comfortable in my swimsuit. However, after the vacation and I was done with the diet, the comfort of eating came back, along with the weight. Again, I didn’t like the way I felt and needed to do more to feel good about myself. I started working out more, then joined CrossFit in hopes of losing more of that weight and to build some muscle. I didn’t notice much weight loss but hadn’t changed my eating habits either. I heard others talking about this FlexFuel Program and how much weight they had lost, how good they felt, how much energy they had, what great muscle toning results they were seeing and how much food they got to eat. Finally, I made up my mind, I had to try out this new way of eating. I started by signing up for 3 months and set a goal for myself to lose 24lbs. In the beginning it was hard tracking all my foods, but as the days went by it got much easier. I could eat anything I wanted as long as I tracked it and stayed within my daily macros. The amount of food that I was able to eat was amazing, almost ridiculous! I was even able to enjoy desserts. I was seeing results, and at the end of 3 months I was down 17lbs. My body was toning up and I was feeling great. I still wanted to hit my goal of 24lbs! I signed up for another 3 months and ended up hitting my goal and I am working on losing another 5lbs for a total of 29lbs. I have gained muscle, toned my entire body, lost my chubby rolls and tamed my cellulite. I look in the mirror and see the results. I have more confidence in myself, I am in better shape than I have ever been and weigh less than I have in over 20 years. I feel amazing!

Going forward, I know there is always going to be the holiday meals, the family potlucks, vacations and summer barbeques that will be a struggle and test my willpower. However, I have learned through Katy and the FlexFuel Program that I can enjoy those times even if I do not make all the right food choices. Instead of dwelling on those bad choices, I should put those thoughts aside and get right back on track and continue down the path of healthy eating. The FlexFuel Program has been one of the best lifestyle changes I have incorporated into my life and I will continue to use this program in the many years to come.

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