Joye- Age 29




“By the time I started to work with Flex Fuel, I had been doing CrossFit for a year, completed 2 rounds of Whole30 and had transitioned to eating mostly paleo.  I was already down about 10 pounds from my highest weight, but I was frustrated because I felt like I had hit a plateau with both my performance and strength in the gym and lowering my body fat. I felt like no matter how healthy I ate, or how often I went to the gym, nothing was changing. I was convinced that it was just my genes, and it was impossible for me to have a lean body or get stronger.  It sounds so silly saying that now!  How wrong I was!  Immediately after working with Coach Katy, I noticed how different my food types and portions needed to be to meet my target macros, and how much faster I was noticing improvements in the gym.  I knew immediately I needed to continue this route so that I could learn more and have someone to hold me accountable and support me if I ever started to feel frustrated again.  Fast forward to nearly a year of working with Katy and Flex Fuel.  While I have not been perfect every day, I have tried to be patient and consistent.  Not only have I PR’d everything you can think of in the gym, but I have been able to fuel myself properly for everything I love outside of the gym, such as backpacking and climbing mountains.  Some of my biggest accomplishments this summer include summiting Mount Whitney, completing a 30+ mile backpacking trip, finishing the Tough Mudder race, and competing in 4 CrossFit competitions. Katy helped me through all of these milestones by teaching me how to fuel my body so that I can feel sustained and recover properly.  I will have those memories forever, and I have Flex Fuel to thank for helping me succeed.”


Thank you for choosing Flex Fuel Joye! It has been an absolute pleasure working with you, we can’t wait to see what the future holds!