Jason- Age 35

Name: Jason Kugel

Age: 35


When did you start Flex Fuel?

February 4, 2018


What was your goal upon signing up?

My goal when signing up for Flex Fuel was to lose some weight, get more out of my workouts, and support my wife who was also starting Flex Fuel at the same time.


Do you feel like you have reached that goal?

And then some.


What has been your experience thus far?

I had calorie counted with some success in the past and figured Flex Fuel would be the same. When I had calorie counted though I had frequently been hungry and eventually stopped and put the weight back on. The big difference with Flex Fuel so far is that I have discovered that I actually needed to eat more. I just needed to eat the right things.

With Flex Fuel I have learned to eat better without feeling like anything is off limits. Over the last 9 months I have lost 20+ pounds and the few times I have gone off plan I have realized that I feel better when conforming to the program. It is this aspect that makes Flex Fuel not only effective but also sustainable.



What has been your biggest challenge with nutrition and how has Flex Fuel helped you overcome that?

I have a few nutrition challenges. I have a big sweet tooth, I am lazy when it comes to food, and I frequently turn to food when I get stressed. Flex Fuel has helped me through these challenges in a number of ways. First, nothing is off limits with Flex Fuel. I am able to eat ice cream, candy, cookies, etc… I just have to plan them out and work them into my numbers.  As far as the laziness aspect, practice makes perfect and the longer you work at something the easier it gets. I rarely think about the effort of cooking meals now because it is just what I do. Finally, Flex Fuel enables me to deal with wanting to stress eat by having a clear plan that focuses my thoughts on better food options and makes it easier to stay on track.


Do you feel you have been able to incorporate this style of nutrition into your lifestyle and how?

The program definitely becomes ingrained after a while. There are times when I go on vacation or am otherwise unable to control my food options as much as at home and I find that I still choose better options that more closely match with my plan. I have been able to go over a week without tracking numbers with no negative effects on my progress.


I would recommend Flex Fuel to anyone because I think that this method of eating is so beneficial for weight loss and properly fueling the body. I am a physical therapist and constantly see the negative health impacts of obesity and poor dietary choices. This is more than a weight loss program; it is a pathway to better health and less functional limitations.

Thank you Jason, for trusting the process, working hard and dedicating yourself for the long haul! Seeing this process through in the right way has allowed him to not only see amazing results but do it in the healthiest and most sustainable way possible!