Jacki S. Age:30

 I am a 6’1″ mother of two. I was a college athlete and All through school my body was a machine. A machine that belonged to my school and that was expected to perform at all times. I struggled to feel confident in my own skin because In a strange way it wasn’t mine. When I finished school I wanted to feel feminine and my perception of feminine was super skinny. I wasn’t healthy and I still didn’t feel good in my own skin. This journey with Katy has forced me to think about food and my body differently. Katy has offered words of wisdom and support throughout the whole process. She has answered every one of my panic texts and has forced me to celebrate all of the small victories! She continues to push me and is committed to push me to become the best version of me. This process has not only been a makeover of the body but a makeover of the mind. I am a true believe in Flex Fuel and their coaches!! I am more confident in my own skin now than I have ever been!”

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