high neck long line sports bra

Inexpensive Amazon finds for workout clothes!


I’ve posted about this brand before but I’m here again to sing its praises. I’ve been rocking their sports bras and tanks for a year now and they have all held up really well!

I went on Amazon the other day to see what was new and saw that they have the long line sports bras I love, but in a high neck! I love high neck sports bras because then I don’t have to worry about the ‘girls’ being too in my face during my workouts. Burpees? No problem. Jump rope? No problem. Pushups? No problem! The high neck cut on sports bras have been awesome when it comes to days you just don’t want cleavage.

The original ones I posted I’m still in love with. They show a little cleavage BUT I never have to tug at it to pull it up throughout my workouts and the cleavage is minimal. I’m loving the long line where the bra comes down about an inch on your torso under your boobs vs. just stopping under your boobs like any normal bra. Its super flattering and in the hotter months, I can rock these bras and feel like I’m working out in a crop, not a bra. The originals I had posted before that I have in 6 different colors (yep, love them THAT much) look like this:

CRZ yoga long line sports bra

CRZ longline sports bra

Here is the link for the images above! They have a ton of different colors! I wear a size large for reference. It feels really snug putting it on but once its on it so comfortable and like I said above, the ‘girls’ aren’t going anywhere!


Now, on to the high neck! I just ordered it in one color because I wanted to make sure I would love it before I got more. It came today and I immediately tried it on, LOVE IT. It’s made is the same buttery soft fabric as the originals, fits snug but comfortable and NO SIDE BOOB! Hallelujah! Here is a quick pic I snapped, sorry for the poor picture quality but I wanted to post about this right away!

high neck long line sports bra

I’m going to link the high neck one here: HIGH NECK LONG LINE SPORTS BRA

If I haven’t convinced you yet, these sports bra’s are 1/3 of the price of LuLuLemon but the quality is just as good.

These tanks below, I have in 5 different colors and love them too! They’re very similar to Lululemon’s tie in back tanks but again, way cheaper: WOMEN’S WORKOUT TANKS

workout tank


The above links should take you to each of these products and you can find the store from there! The brand is CRZ Yoga and they have SO many cute things I haven’t tried but so far, I’ve loved everything I’ve gotten. I wanted to share because when we have cute workout clothes and feel good, you want to workout! Plus, I’m always looking for a good deal on some top quality workouts clothes without breaking the bank and I’m sure you would love these too!!

Let me know if you end up ordering anything and what you think! I would love to hear your reviews!