A healthier calorie intake can lead to big results!

“I’d like to find a healthy relationship with food that will leave me feeling like a got a decent meal, am not hungry and not restricted. As a side effect I’d like to lose about 15 lbs that I’ve gained this past year. I like my body and I feel my best around 140lb”- Kristen C.

Everyone has different goals when they come to us. Sometimes its weight loss, sometimes its learning how to trust food again, strength gains, or just wanting to have a better understanding of their own specific nutrition needs. All of these goals have pretty much the same underlying tone, to feel really good in our body.


Kristen has been working with Coach Mal since April 2021. We have all of our clients track their food intake for a few days and send that in with their client intake form so we can see where their food intake is at prior to signing up. Kristen’s food logs showed she was averaging anywhere from 1400 calories to 1500 calories daily(way under her TDEE). She included on her intake form that she had tried every diet out there and they all felt extreme and really restrictive.


We started her off with a 20% *increase* knowing that her intake was much too low for how active she was, even with the goal of weight loss. Over the next several months, we were able to increase her intake from 1400-1500 calories up to 1900 all while seeing positive body composition changes and weight loss. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, MORE food doesn’t mean a halt to progress. When coming from a restrictive dieting background, fueling your body more and with the correct balance to better support your workouts/lifestyle can actually help progress and help you feel way more in control of your hunger/cravings.


Typically what we see with new clients is that their eating is so restrictive during the week, thats its almost impossible to maintain and they end up binging on weekends. Or have a really solid two weeks, and then fall off the wagon on the third week in.

This is what Kristin’s goal was in signing up for coaching: “My goal was to find a healthy relationship with food and how to properly fuel my body. I had gone so long living on a restrictive diet, always trying to find more ways to slash calories, and hating myself every time I ate a carb or a food I enjoyed. I would spend the entire week obsessing over food only to binge on the weekend and cancel out any “progress” I would have made during the week. Overtime I ended up actually gaining weight and feeling completely exhausted and miserable all the time. I found Mallory at Flex Fuel Nutrition and decided to commit to a nutrition plan that would bring me out of this lifestyle and into a healthier one with more food freedom, while also going through a body recomposition to lose some of the fat I had put on.”

Does that sound familiar to you too? You’re not alone! So many people fall victim to the misinformation on the internet. You do NOT need to slash calories so low you’re starving. You do NOT need to give up the foods you love or all social events to stick to your diet. You don’t have to go to any kind of extreme to feel really good in your own skin and we can help you.

“I could not be happier with my experience with Mallory. She’s been so incredibly encouraging, while also providing endless tips, tricks and education on how to handle situations that would come up or what is happening in my body. My mindset has totally changed from restricting food to making sure I’ve fueled my body enough for my workouts and for everyday life! She makes sure I get enough sleep, keep my stress low and that I’m getting the nutrients I need to support a healthy body. My photos speak for themselves! My body recomposition thus far has been very successful, and I have so much more energy and self confidence. I eat what I want as long as I prioritize whole, unprocessed foods and I don’t stress about having a treat now and then. I never thought I could eat this much, feel totally satisfied and still see the results I’m seeing. I couldn’t recommend Flex Fuel Nutrition enough.”


We love seeing women improve their relationship with food and see their confidence soar! Kristen continues to kick butt at achieving her goals because she’s taken the time to establish healthy daily habits and stays dedicated to them! We’re so proud of you, Kristen!