How to NOT track on Thanksgiving

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In older blog posts we have created ways to tackle the holidays WHILE tracking and I’ll link that below if you feel like you really dont want to mess with the mojo you’ve got going on but trust me when I say, taking a break for the day isn’t going to erase all if the hard work you’ve been putting in. I’m sure you’ve heard us use the word ‘consistency’ a time or two….or fifty and all of those times that you can be consistent and in control of what you eat allows for you to have more flexbilty on these days. 


People say they put on a lot of their weight during the holiday season but that isn’t because they enjoyed ONE meal untracked. Usually its because they also indulged in the holiday work parties, happy hours, and multiple Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners through the months of November and December. If  you do that, its likely that you’ll be ringing in the New Year not feeling your best. Pick your day to celebrate and stick to that. If your family celebrates on Thanksgiving, great! Indulge a little that day and get back on track the next day. If Thanksgiving isn’t the challenging one but black Friday is, then choose that day as your day to be a little more lax but get back on track the following day. If you turn the entire month of November and December into a feast, thats when progress starts to backslide. 


Also, taking a day off from weighing/tracking your food doesnt give you permission to eat like a total assh*le. Don’t use this day to eat everything you lay your eyes on…we aren’t telling you to eat every piece of pie off the dessert table and 3 servings worth of your Grandma’s homemade macaroni and cheese. Be sensible and practice moderation. If you want to sample all the entrees, take smaller portions. One big suggestion we have, STOP WHEN YOU ARE FULLwink How often do you hear someone at your Thanksgiving dinner complain about feeling sick because they’re so full? Thats not a fun way to end the night so take a moment, listen to your body and stop when you are full. Remember, this isn’t the last time you’re ever going to be able to enjoy these things so you don’t need to act as if you’ll never be able to eat them again. You have freedom and flexibility in tracking so you don’t need to try and fit everything into one meal, you aren’t swearing it off forever, remember, we don’t believe in strict meal plans. 


Some things you can take control of to make Thanksgiving fun, enjoyable but also keep you feeling good? Focus on water! We get busy visiting with family/friends and we forget to stay hydrated. Start your day with a big glass and make sure to stay on top of your water consumption, set a reminder on your phone if you need to. Get your greens in! Micronutrients are important in our diet and with all the carb and fat heavy dishes that day, its a good idea to look for greens and try to get a couple of servings in. An easy way I tackle this is to bring my greens! Everyone in our family brings a dish and mine is usually some kind of roasted veggie or big dinner salad. If you think options will be limited, be the one who brings it. Focus on protein! Its the most important macronutrient and keeps you feeling full longer. When you’re dishing up your plate look for your protein first, then greens, then fill in the rest with something delicious you’ve been eyeballing. Focusing on protein first may just help you from going for round 2 or 3 in the meal department. 


Lastly, enjoy your time with your family! When we are old and looking back on life, we are going to remember the memories made not whether we hit our macros or not. Things can change in a flash so appreciate the time spent with your loved ones and stay off your phone for a day. 


Hope you all have a happy and safe Thanksgiving! 

With love,