How to Grocery Shop Like A Boss!

Grocery Shopping can be a daunting task, some of you may have it down, others of you may feel like a lost puppy dog wandering the isles aimlessly, forgetting 10 things you needed because you just don’t even know where to start!

Wherever you land n the spectrum of grocery shoppin’ skills, we have some tips that will hopefully make things a little easier! Check out at the end of this post we have our easy grocery list and a list of foods that can help break it down even simpler for you!

🔸Shop the perimeter of the grocery store first: This is where the freshest, simplest foods live & where you want the majority of you food to come from! Think short shelf life! Non processed & minimal ingredients is a great place to start!
🔸Plan your week before you go! Scope out your kitchen on what you have- or don’t, then decide what you want for your meals and snacks. This will keep you focused on what you truly need & keep you from buying unnecessary items!
🔸Focus on proteins, carbs and fats:
-Protein: organic is best! Make sure you are stocked with enough for the week, buying in bulk can be the more affordable way to go! Building your meals around protein is an easy way to start!
-Carbs: Veggies @ at least 2/3 meals a day is a great goal (if not all of them!:)) High quality veggies don’t have a long shelf life, so it can be helpful to keep frozen veggies on hand in case you run out & a mid-week mini trip back to the store if need be to re-stock! Then compliment your veggies with foods like potato, rice, quinoa, beans.
Fats: High quality cooking oils like coconut, olive, avocado, grassfed butter are always good to have on hand. Your protein sources can often supplement some fats for your day as well and high quality fats like avocado, nuts & seeds!
🔸Build your meals as listed above: Protein, carbs and fats made from Whole Foods!
🔸Make sure you are stocked on spices! This is a great way to add zest and interest to you foods & change up the norm.
🔸Try one new recipe a week (or more of you have the time). Plan at the start of the week so you can grab all the things you need when you hit the store!

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