How to Create A Bulk Recipe & Find the Macros Per Serving

If you’re feeding more than one person in your household or if you’re just a busy person & need food prepped & ready, creating a bulk recipe is such a great way to have healthy food available for several days, or feed the whole family without feeling like you have to make yourself something separate!
How to:
➡️Open up the recipe feature in My Fitness Pal, enter all of your ingredients.
➡️Under the number of servings section, put any number you want- you will go back & edit this later!
➡️Prepare as directed.
➡️If your recipe has to go in the oven, this is the time to place your dish on your food scale, zero out the scale & then pour your entire batch in the dish to get the total weight. If your recipe is in a crockpot or on the stovetop, before you prepare, you can get the weight of the dish you’re cooking in, then once the entire batch in in the dish, re-weigh and get the total weight. Subtract the weight of the dish & you have your weight.
➡️Go back to the ‘number of servings’ section & enter your total weight. For larger recipes we like using ounces. Example: if your recipe weighs 3 lbs, 3x (16 oz in 1lb)= 48 oz, that’s what you will enter in!
➡️When you go to enter in your serving in MFP, weigh out the number of ounces you would like, then under your number of servings, adjust to that number of ounces.
This process can take a little extra time at first but we promise in the end, it saves so much time and your recipe is saved for any time you want to make it in the future!!