Holiday Travel Essentials

This time of year is one of the busiest times for travel. People are traveling home to see family or taking trips to escape the winter and it can feel like every weekend you are jetting off somwhere. Don’t get us wrong, we like to celebrate the special moments but when it feels like you are traveling somewhere every weekend, progress can stall unless you stick to your tracking when you travel. Katy and I have been traveling all over the place this last year attending different business seminars and certifications so we thought it would be a great time to share with you, some of our must have’s when we travel! 


enlightenedTravel Food scale. We know that traveling usually means eating out a little more than normal but when you can have control over meals, its nice to have. 

enlightenedFreezer/zip lock seal bags. This makes packing snacks for day adventures super easy! 

enlightenedPersonal cooler. Last time Katy and I traveled, we were able to purchase pre-made meals that had the macros broken down for us. The small hotel room fridge doesn’t always fit what you need so having an extra little cooler can be helpful. Lake days, beach days or ski days…a cooler is an easy way to pack a lunch and keep it cool. 

enlightened Small travel containers. I don’t leave the house without them! Before leaving for any trip, I measure out my protein powder and collagen into small travel size containers for easy access. 

enlightenedWater bottle and shaker cup. I always bring my Hydroflask and my shaker cup. In hotel rooms, its easy to mix my protein and greens in my shaker cup to drink before heading out for the day. 

enlightenedUtensils! I try to grab a fork, spoon and knife from one of the vendors at the airport when flying so I can eat any snacks I want in my room. If I’m just traveling for the day, I’ll pack some from home to reduce waste.

enlightenedYour favorite snacks. We ALWAYS make a stop at the grocery store when we get to our destination to stock up on some staple items we need but if I can pack something from home, I will. Things like peanut butter, protein powder, collagen, jerky, protein bars, and oatmeal are easy things to pack and save you a few dollars from having to buy it once you’re there. 


By packing some of your most used items, it can save the hassle and money of having to buy it all once you’re at your destination. We hope your holiday season is a great one! If you aren’t sure how to tackle your personal nutrition, we are happy to help! Email us at and we would love to chat! 


With love,