Holiday Season Advice

During this holiday season, maybe the real success is continuing your daily habits that make you feel really good….not weight loss. ⁣

A lot of you may want weight loss and for some, maybe that means throwing yourself into a diet that feels really extreme and honestly….unsustainable during these next two months. ⁣

Instead of focusing on weight loss, the real success is found in sticking to your daily priorities that continue to promote your health and make you happy. ⁣

That could look like:⁣

🧘🏼‍♀️Sticking to your gym routine.⁣
💦 Continuing to prioritize water. ⁣
🥦Eating 2-3 cups of veggies daily. ⁣
🍌Enjoying fresh fruits. ⁣
🥩Eating adequate protein (the Thanksgiving turkey makes this one easy!)⁣
🍩Moderating the foods that taste good and enjoying them on the holiday itself rather than having them every day. ⁣
🧋Limiting the sugary drinks (helllooo, so many fun holiday drinks!) ⁣

It’s really simple….instead of striving for perfection or a complete overhaul of your diet…make small daily habits your goal and you’ll come out of this season feeling like a champ🎄