Hello from Nashville!

Have you been to Nashville? We had so much fun last time we came that we booked this trip on our flight home from our first trip. We got into Nashville around midnight Wednesday night and went straight to our Airbnb. Anytime I have the choice to rent an Airbnb over a hotel, I’ll do the airbnb so I can have access to a full kitchen. Vacations usually mean eating out a little more than normal and enjoying cocktails near the pool so when I do have access to a kitchen, I try to cook at least 2 of my 3 meals each day. It saves money and also gives me full control over what I’m eating so I’m not having to eat out at every meal. This morning we got up and headed straight to the grocery store to pick up some staple items for this weekends trip.


First up, protein! We wanted to keep our meals simple so we opted for proteins that don’t take a lot of prep. Ground turkey is great cooked with some sauteed veggies or in your morning scramble. We grabbed deli meat for an easy snack, along with bacon egg whites and eggs for breakfast.


Next, some veggies to sautee and also snack on with the hummus we purchased. Zucchini, summer squash, onions and mushrooms are always our easy go to! We also grabbed a couple of cucumbers to snack on. Veggies are a great way to add volume to your meals so you can save a cushion of carbs for your meal out.

Fruit is another great carb source. We kept these simple with some grapes, bananas and dried apples that Katy packed from home. When traveling, we usually keep the fruit content low to save a cushion of carbs for eating out.

Our easy go to for fats? Grassfed butter, nut butter and avocado. All three of these things can be used for so many different options, you can’t really go wrong. This morning we used the avocado on our toast!

Snacks, you know, for those times you just want something crunchy? Pretzel thins and hummus are pretty much always in my kitchen! Have you tried these garlic parmesan pretzel thins? SO GOOD.

And last but not least, what we’re drinking! Eating out and drinking can add up quick so to save some money, we always try to purchase a few items to make a cocktail or two where we are staying. Vodka is so easy to use different mixers, this time we grabbed a couple of soda waters, strawberry lemonade vitamin water zero and a few limes.


Now that you know what we’re cooking while we’re here, its time for us to jet off to see the country music hall of fame! We’ll check back in with you guys next week, have a kickass weekend!


With love,