Have a Sweet Tooth? Try these Swaps!

Having a sweet tooth is probably one of the most common challenges we hear people have when it comes to their nutrition. Trust us, we get it! We love a good dessert, some candy, cake… you name it! The problem is, sugar is addicting and the more we allow it into our diet, the more we crave it! The good news is, we don’t have to give it up forever, we just need to find ways to treat ourselves in healthier ways! Finding alternative sweet treats is not only better for your health, but can help you kick that sugar demon to the curb for good! The less we eat processed, refined sugar, the more we will crave the good-for-us sweets!

Here are some Sweet Swaps we love!

  1. FRUIT. Subbing all natural sugar, like fruit! Fruit is truly nature’s candy and consuming sugar from natural sources, rather than processed sources, will always be a healthier option! Not to mention you are getting more fiber, vitamins & minerals and fruit will actually fill you up! Next time you’re craving candy, reach for some fruit instead!
  2. FAT. Healthy fats can satisfy the same cravings that we get when we crave sugar! Next time you want to reach for the sugar, reach for a handful of nuts, nut butter, avocado, or something with a higher fat content. Of course, keep it to whole, unprocessed fat sources!
  3. Candy Alternatives. We’ve mentioned these before, but options like Smart Sweet gummies are a great alternative. Note, they are sweetened with ingredients that come from fruit, not artificial sweeteners, so they are a great option!
  4. 70%+ Dark Chocolate. This indeed is sugar, but it’s in a much  more pure, unprocessed form. Not to mention rich, so one square can be super satisfying!
  5. Frozen Greek Yogurt w/ Fruit. If you’re an ice cream lover, freezing greek yogurt and topping it with dark chocolate or fruit (or you can mix them together then freeze) is a great alternative to ice cream!

These are just a few alternatives for sweet treats! Comment below & let us know your favorite sweet treat swap!