(H)Anger is an emotion.

(H)Anger is an emotion. ⠀

If I’m out running errands or if my day runs later than normal and I’m past my normal eating times with no snacks, you better steer clear 👹. ⠀

It’s really hard to stick to your plan or eating the healthier options once you’ve reached a certain level of hunger. That’s when “blackout mode” happens and suddenly you’re eating the first 3 things you could get your hands on. Am I right or am I right? ⠀

That can be resolved with better planning and having a snack on hand in case of emergency but what happens when you’re trying to lose weight and you’re constantly hungry?⠀

Losing weight shouldn’t be a day to day, hour to hour battle against hunger. Some level of hunger is normal (you’re eating in a deficit) but if you’re constantly feeling the urge to snack, there could be a few things you’re missing that’s increasing your hunger. ⠀

👉🏻A lack of adequate protein. Protein takes your body the longest to digest, thus keeping you full longer. Plus, it promotes positive body comp changes and uses the most energy to digest (energy=calories, you literally burn more calories digesting it than other foods). Aim to get some at every meal. ⠀

👉🏻Not enough water. It’s easy to mistake dehydration for hunger. When you stay on top of your hydration, cravings feel more controllable. ⠀

👉🏻Low food quality (takes very little effort for your body to digest so you’re hungry sooner). Nutrient dense whole foods are going to satisfy you much longer than anything overly processed.⠀

👉🏻Low fiber, which usually goes hand in hand with low quality food. Fiber gives you that full feeling after meals. A general target for women is 25-30 grams a day, 30-35 for dudes. ⠀

👉🏻Make sure you’re eating your veggies. Veggies are low in calories but high in vitamins and minerals. This is an easy way to bulk up your meals. Aim to get 3-4 cups a day. ⠀

If you’ve checked all those boxes and you’re still battling never ending hunger, your calories could be too low. It doesn’t hurt to talk with a coach and get a better idea of your body’s needs. ⠀