reminder: you can do hard things

Habit stacking is the MVP for progress!

We’re pro’s at creating goals. Its easy to toss around statements like “I want to lose 20 lbs.” or “I want to workout more” or “I need to eat better” but a lot of the time those goals fall short because

  1. We aren’t specific enough on what those blanket statements even mean.
  2. We don’t have any real game plan on how to make that happen.
  3. We start out with something too extreme and fall into the ‘all or nothing’ mindset that typically leads to failure.


So, lets dissect those issues and lock down a method that actually works so this year can be the year for real change.


The first reason, you’re not getting specific enough with your goals. Throwing around the goal of “I want to lose weight” doesn’t hit your pain point. We connect with pain points more because it touches the deepest part of our insecurities. They bring up struggles we’ve had that we’re tired of dealing with. They show us where we’ve been, where we don’t want to be any longer and where we want to go. You have to get super specific when setting your goals so start with your goal and then break it down using these questions, grab a pen and lets get started!

What is my goal?

When I think of that version of myself, what habits is that version of me doing daily that Im not doing now?

How long do I want to give myself to achieve this?

What will I feel like when I achieve this goal?

What emotions will that bring?

How will my life be positively impacted if I achieve this goal?

What happens/how will I feel if I DON’T make these changes? What will my life feel like in a year staying on the path I’m on?


Seems like a lot to go over right? It should! The more detailed we get about these goals and the more real we can get with ourselves when we’re establishing them, the more successful we’ll be in going over them. When you know how your life can change and how you’ll feel if it doesn’t, it makes the stakes way higher. Make sure to write down those questions above or take a screen shot so you have then saved somewhere!

The second reason we aren’t super successful, we have no real game plan! We can set goals all day long but until you get really nitty gritty on the HOW, that goal is just a daydream.

Again, envision the version of you at your highest self. What is she doing on the daily? What is she eating? What do her workouts look like? What is she doing for self care?

Make a “pros and cons” list. Starting mapping out the habits that you need MORE of in your life under the pros. Under the cons list, write down current habits that aren’t serving your highest good. This will help  you get a really clear idea of what you’re doing daily that is holding you back and what habits under the cons list need to be swapped out with a habit from the pros list.

Once you know what habits you need more of, what are you going to change in your current life to make that happen?

Lets say under the ‘Cons’ side you have sleeping in and under the ‘Pros’ side you have workout more.

Alright, so thats a clear swap. To make that goal of working out more happen, you’re going to start waking up 30 minutes earlier and do a home workout in your living room. Or maybe you’re going to get up 30 minutes earlier and go for a morning walk. It doesn’t have to be a huge shift, start with something sustainable.

Thats where habit stacking comes into play! Habit stacking is taking one thing that you already do daily and adding the new habit you want to do on to the previous one. For example, lets say you want to drink more water. Your current habit is that you eat 3 meals a day so the habit stack would be that now with each meal you have to drink a 20 oz glass of water with your meal. Or lets say your goal is to start taking your vitamins more regularly. Each morning you already drink a cup of coffee so the habit stack is that you’re going to focus on taking your vitamins BEFORE you get to take a sip of coffee. When we can attach new habits to already existing ones, we tend to be way more successful.

Which leads me to reason #3, we pick habits that are too drastic and unsustainable. If you’re losing weight because you’re following some extreme diet or habit but its not something you will be able to continue long term, that’s going to backfire on you and you’re going to be right back where you started 6 months down the road.

SMALL SUSTAINABLE CHANGES, even if progress feels sluggish and slow in the beginning will always trump some extreme change that at first brings big results but isn’t realistic. You mapped out the undesirable habits you have right now that aren’t supporting your goals, you got really clear on why this goal is important to you so now you just need to start implementing those small shifts to your daily habits to start moving you in the right direction.

Don’t discredit the small stuff. In a study done by Precision Nutrition with over a million data points and 1000 thousand clients tested, they found that just staying consistent with habits just 50% of the time still lost weight over the year! Small efforts are not a waste of time and you don’t need perfection to get results. I’ll link that study below so you can read more in depth about it, its super interesting!


>>Precision Nutrition study on small efforts still yielding big change<<


I hope you found this blog post useful! We have the power to turn our life around at any given moment, you are NOT stuck in your current situation. Maybe you’ve tried in the past and failed but that doesn’t mean your next attempt has to be a failure. Get clear on your goals, get clear on your why, determine what needs to change for you to be that version of yourself and then start implementing those habits one small change at a time.

If you feel overwhelmed doing this, maybe its time to work with a coach! We help you every step of the way so that you can establish habits that actually work for YOU. If you want to talk to us and see if coaching is a good fit for you, you can book a call using the link before. There is never an obligation to sign up so it doesn’t hurt to see if its a good fit!

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Happy goal setting!

With love,