Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

The way we perceive our own personal abilities and challenges has a major impact on our success rate with any new personal endeavor.

Are you someone who is driven by a growth mindset or someone who allows a fixed mindset to hold you back?

A fixed mindset looks something like this:
-Someone not able to receive feedback without feeling personally attacked.
-All or nothing thinking. (You either succeed or you fail.)
-Shows resistance to learning something new.
-Shows resistance towards challenges.
-Believes you’re incapable of success.
-Has a history of quitting if not successful.

I’m sure one or more of those sounds familiar to you, it’s not uncommon for our past failures to trigger that type of thinking but where does that get you?

Have you ever had a solid week of eating and then the weekend rolled around and your healthy nutrition went out the window?

Maybe you had a goal of hitting the gym 5 times last week but only made it 3 days.

Perhaps you had a goal to not drink alcohol over the weekend but ended up grabbing brunch mimosas with friends.

A fixed mindset in any of those situations is going to tell you that you failed. That you’ll always fail because your past history shows that. A fixed mindset is going to tell you that everyone else has it easier then you and you’re just not meant to be healthier. You’re not meant to lose the weight.

Sound familiar? That’s okay because with practice, a fixed mindset is something we can work on and turn into a growth mindset. A growth mindset looks at those hiccups as a learning opportunity. A growth mindset is someone who believes they can improve and succeed. A growth mindset tells us that we can develop the skills needed to be our best self and we will persevere.

We can control two things: OUR ATTITUDE & OUR ACTIONS.

The next time you catch yourself falling into a fixed mindset, try flipping the script and use that hiccup as a chance to learn how to tackle it better next time.

With love,