Grow Your Own Sprouts!

Sprouts are SO good for you and packed with micronutrients! They are a great way to add some crunch to virtually any meal!

They are packed with a ton of vitamins and minerals and are super easy to digest! If you have any problem digesting fruits or veggies, these are a great addition to your diet! They are super high in enzymes that aid in a healthy digestive system!

Sadly, if you buy them at the grocery store, a container of sprouts are going to run you anywhere from $3-5 and a container goes quick in my house! That’s when I took it upon myself to attempt to grow my own! Now, I do not have a green thumb in the slightest, so I had my doubts they would actually pan out, but low and behold… even I can grow sprouts! And it was super easy to boot!

I ordered the Easy Sprout Sprouter (I discovered this through Naturopath Dr. Matt Angove- if you don’t follow him, look him up under Dr. Wholeness on social!). I also linked this in my Things i’m loving during Quarantine blog as well!

I got my sprouting seeds from Food to Live, I decided to go with the Organic Mixture of a few different seeds!

All you need to do is follow instructions on your sprouted!

-Add Seeds

-Soak for 24 hours

-Rinse every 12

Click HERE for a video on how to properly rinse your sprouts!