Gluten Free Breakfast burrito’s

I make a bunch of these ahead of time, stick them in the freezer and have them on hand for those mornings when I have minimal time or just dont feel like cooking. I usually make the eggless ham and potato ones along with some scrambled egg wraps but decided I wanted to change things up a bit this week. I found the recipe on pinterest from Cotter Crunch for the first two wraps that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth, they may be more of a dessert option wink. The 3rd wrap is more of a savory wrap for those of you who are burned out on eggs for breakfast. I also mention a 4th wrap that DOES include eggs!! But you’ll have to watch the youtube video for that, I’ll link it HERE

Yogurt and granola parfait wrap:

1 Mission brand gluten free tortilla 

50 grams of 0% fat greek yogurt. ( You can use whatever fat percentage you like) 

15 grams of gluten free granola( I used Udi’s

30 grams of organic blueberries 



Coconut Rice Wrap:

1 Mission brand gluten free tortilla 

50 grams of coconut rice( see below for instructions on how to make!)

16 grams(1 TBL) organic peanut butter

20 grams of strawberry jam ( you can swap out fresh berries for this, I did on half of these wraps) 



Ham and sweet potato wrap: 

1 Mission brand gluten free tortilla 

3 oz deli ham 

14 grams of reduced fat shredded cheddar cheese 

40 grams of cooked sweet potato 

A handful of spinach 

35C/ 10F/ 22P


You can change these wraps up really easily by swapping out protein options: ham, turkey, bacon, ground sausage or chicken all make great for the savory ones. On the sweet wraps, you can swap out fruit options, granola, yogurt flavors etc. If prepping these to freeze, wrap them in tinfoil and them place them in a large freezer ziplock bag. I label each of my bags so I know what burritos are in what bag. When ready to eat, place in toaster oven or large oven at 350F until thawed and warmed. Check at 10 and 15 minutes so the yogurt doesn’t melt. 


**For the coconut rice, I made a large batch of rice to use for these wraps and for other meals throughout my week. In the video I stated that I used full fat coconut milk but that was until I realized I actually used the light coconut milk. I just followed the directions on the box and swapped out half of the water required for coconut milk, next time I will use all coconut milk to give it a stronger coconut flavor. For a big batch, I brought 1 cup water and 1 cup of coconut milk to a boil, added 2 cups of uncooked rice, covered and let sit. After 5 minutes, I fluffed the rice with a fork and added ground cinnamon.