Getting Uncomfortable: The Secret Sauce to Results

Do you ever have those times in life where you just feel stagnant? Like you’re coasting through the day to day, no real highs and no reals lows? The feeling i’d describe these times with is just, “blah.” Life is routine, a little predictable and most likely cushy and comfortable. Sure, during times like these, there may be little life stressors that come up, but all in all, it’s easy to coast here.

Don’t get me wrong, there are absolutely times in life where this is okay and even necessary. Always chasing and pushing for the next thing can lead to major burnout, but I believe the danger comes when we sit in this space for too long. When we know we’re settling and aren’t pushing ourselves to our full potential.

Take a step back and ask yourself, am I exactly where we want to be? Do I have everything that I want, am I exactly who I want to be? Or do I desire more?

It’s so easy to look at other’s lives and wish we had the money, the lifestyle, the body, the relationship, the career, or whatever it is that someone else has, yet we could be spending that time taking action on our own lives to create that reality for ourselves. One thing i’ve learned so far in life is that most of the things we truly desire come with a lot of hard work, dedication, time and a willingness to get uncomfortable.

Getting uncomfortable. Being a little scared shitless. Taking action even when there’s uncertainty and fear. Putting in the work even if it’s not popular. Grinding even when we have little to no support. When we are tired. When we are unsure. When what you know you need to do gives you that pit in your stomach…

But we do it anyways.

This is what moves the needle. This is the secret sauce.

Because nothing great comes from comfort and complacency. The people willing to get uncomfortable and take action regardless, are the ones who win. Those are the people who get the results, who lose the weight, who win competitions, who land the job, who create the life they dream of.

The road to having anything great is often a messy, hard road. But if we continue to travel down it and dedicate to the journey, it’s always worth it in the end. Even if it ends differently then we pictured there’s always a lesson to be learned and growth to be made.

We all have opportunities to challenge ourselves daily, it’s just whether or not we are willing to step up and take those challenges head on. These challenges don’t have to be big, overwhelming to-do’s either, starting with small day to day things can build up our confidence to take on the big stuff.

A few ways we can get uncomfortable & challenge ourselves daily:

  • Create a strict wakeup/bedtime routine
  • Dedicate to reading ‘X’ amount of books a month
  • Try a new workout regimen
  • Make small changes in your diet (start with a water goal, veggies at each meal, or increasing protein!)
  • Try one new activity a month
  • Befriend a stranger
  • Think of something that naturally makes you feel uncomfortable/challenged and face it head on and tackle it!

I believe that as humans, getting out of our comfort zones and challenging ourselves is what makes us feel alive. We all need it to grow, learn and up level. If you desire something for your life and you can’t see how to get there or don’t believe you can, start challenging yourself, start getting uncomfortable and it will start to open doors and create an amazing path for you!