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Flex Fuel Amazon Favorites

With everything feeling like its on lock down and everyone wanting to avoid public as much as possible, what better way to kill some time than to browse amazon? I’m the first one to admit that spending a little extra money on my workout clothes is worth it when they hold up over multiple washes and stay in place while I workout. LuLuLemon should offer a frequent buyer club for how often I’m rocking their gear and how much money I’ve dropped in their store. They’re worth the hype, at least in my opinion. Not only are they awesome about taking things back if something happens to your favorite leggings or sports bra but their Plus, their clothes are made for REAL women of all shapes and sizes…not just a one size fits all body type. On the flip side though, I love a good deal and for how often I wear workout clothes, finding affordable workout clothes is a must!


But, I know some of you are on a budget and restocking your workout wardrobe isn’t at the top of your list even if you want it to be so I found some really stellar copycat versions on Amazon that are 1/2 the price and the quality feels amazing. This sports bra was the first thing I tested from the brand I found on Amazon, CRZ Yoga.


Its very similar with its strappy back to LuLuLemon’s free to be bra but works for both small and large cup sizes. I’m loving the long line bra’s as well because to me they’re the equivalent to high waisted leggings but for your top half, they come down a little further, don’t give you that under boob roll that some sports bras can and are SO flattering. You can also get away wearing them as a crop with a cute pair of high waisted jeans or shorts.


I ordered the white and the rust colored sports bra. I ordered a size large because I have a larger chest. The dilemma for me with a lot of sports bras is that my rib cage fits more of a medium but for my actual chest I need a large which means my sports bras either fit big around my ribcage or they’re too tight on my chest. I ordered these with a bit of a pessimistic hope but figured I could easily return them if they didn’t fit. These bras are priced between $24-$28 dollars depending on color and size!


I got them in the mail and upon opening, I immediately noticed how thick and well made they were. The material didn’t feel chintzy like some stuff I’ve ordered off Amazon, it felt really thick with a little bit of stretch. The stitching was all well done too. Before I ordered them, I had read on the reviews they were a little tight to pull on and I agree. They’re tight when you first start to pull them over your chest but once they’re on, they fit really comfortably and I feel like the girls are held in place! I feel like the large fits both my chest AND my ribcage which is a huge win for me! Being able to move around in a sports bra and not feel like I have to constantly be tugging at it or pulling it up is always top priority to me and this bra passed the test. I felt secure, I felt like I wasn’t going to spill out of them and again, super comfy!

(Don’t mind the captions on these pictures, I posted them on Instagam too and these are the only pics I have)

I tried the white one on second and loved it just as much as the rust. For someone who spray tans weekly, I know how silly it is to order anything in white but hey….I figure for such a cheap price I’ll risk it and hope that this material washes well. (BTW, it does!)

white sports bra

The white fit just the same as the rust and I knew they would be top favorites of mine right next to my LuLuLemon bras, but for 1/2 the price! We all love a good deal, right?!


The CRZ Yoga brand has a ton of other really awesome products too! These leggings remind me of LuLuLemon’s Align leggings. They’re super soft, high waisted and fit really well! They’re priced at $24.


Not only are their leggings and sports bras pretty amazing for the price, they have some really cute tops as well! I have this one below in black and grey and love it paired with a cute sports bra! These are priced at $20!

This one below is next on my order list, I haven’t tried it yet but it comes in a ton of different colors and is super cute! If its like any of their other products, I’m sure I’ll love it! It’s priced at $22


These are just a few of my new favorite finds! If you guys like posts like this, make sure to leave a comment below and I’ll continue the hunt for high quality deals on anything from workout clothes to things that make food prep easier in the kitchen! If you end up ordering any of the things above, make sure to let me know what you think!


With love,
Coach Mallory