Flashback Friday!!!

A little background on us (Mal & Katy), owners of Flex Fuel Nutrition:
🖤We both grew up in small (rivaling) towns in WA state. We became friends a couple years after high school, at our local Crossfit gym.
🖤We had tried all the diets : Paleo, whole30, starving, low carb… none of it felt sustainable!
🖤We actively competed in CF over 8+ years
🖤We fell in love w/ the process of macros because it allowed us to feel amazing, get results & LIVE!
🖤After putting the process to the test, we got educated in nutrition & business & created Flex Fuel Nutrition (lots of mistakes & learning along the way!)
🖤We both were pretty extreme for a while (see photo)…. And have lived on every end of the spectrum- super lean/strict , super into competition/performance… and now we both have found a much happier balance of health, fitness & living life!
🖤We created this business to help others feel their best using nutrition, mindset & habit change.
🖤We love super clean, healthy foods.
🖤We also love a good margarita & dessert.
🖤Our main mission is to constantly evolve our coaching & business to find the best way to help & serve YOU!
We’re so thankful for the journey, we’re not perfect but we will always strive to be our best & give our best!
Happy Friday!