Faced With Opposition?

On vacation you want to get up and go for an early morning run but are met with eye rolls and the familiar “We’re supposed to be on vacation, you don’t need to workout!” 

Most of the negative critiques you hear come from people who are insecure about their own unhealthy habits or people who really do mean well but are just misinformed. Starting and sticking to a healthy new lifestyle habit is challenging enough so when we are faced with negative nay sayers, it can be tempting to fall off the wagon or meet their comments with a snappy defense. Instead of creating awkward tension by reacting with anger, remember most people are well intentioned. With the holidays coming, you’ll probably be faced with this situation   a time or two so I wanted to give you some ideas of how to positively respond in those social situations. 

  • At Christmas dinner, Grandma keeps insisting you eat the pie she made special just for you. This hits home for me, my Grandma loves to bake and she usually always makes us something special. If its not something that is serving your current goal, say thanks but stick to your plan. If the point continues to be pushed, you can always say that you’re full after dinner but would love to take a piece home for later. Once your home you can do with it what you want.
  • For lunchtime in the office, your coworkers are ordering out from a restaurant that doesn’t serve the healthiest options and ask you to join. Keep it simple and say no thanks. Usually people won’t challenge you on a simple no, but if they do, you can always make an excuse that you’re saving up wiggle room for a nice dinner out later. If you want to participate in the future, get to know the area where you work and get some menus from local restaurants. This way you can look over their menu ahead of time and have a couple healthy options in mind. 
  • At your weekend getaway with your spouses family, you wake up an hour early to sneak in a 3 mile run before breakfast but once you’re back everyone is chiming in on how you workout too much. When it comes to eating healthy and working out, there is definitely a balance but if your habits are healthy, then there is nothing wrong with wanting to start your day off with a jog. When others feel insecure about their lifestyle habits, they sometimes can be judgmental of yours. Thank them for being concerned and explain that your morning jogs help clear your head and release the tension from your work week. Stress can take a huge toll on our health so by explaining that running is a stress relief for you, they should understand. 
  • During happy hour with friends, your bestie keeps begging you to have a drink. Usually in situations where people are drinking, its easier to keep it short. Say you don’t feel like drinking or offer to be the driver. By ordering an iced tea or club soda, it still puts a drink in front of you and takes the attention away from not drinking. 

Usually when starting a lifestyle change that is helping to be a healthier happier you, our loved ones are super supportive and want us to succeed! I think we fear that people won’t be accepting of the changes we are trying to make but you’ll find that most are open to it and want to be as accommodating as possible. Hopefully you won’t run into these situations very frequently but if you do, I hope that the above examples gave you some simple tips on how to address it. Stay strong and keep the big picture in mind, your health and happiness is the most important thing and who knows, maybe some of those nay sayers will be coming to you for some helpful advice later!

With love,