Dyan- Cut to Maintenance

We have posted about Dyan previously after she went through a cut phase and achieved some amazing results but what is even better? She has continued to see the process through and although it can be a little nerve wracking after you have worked so hard, to add calories in, she has proven nothing but amazing results! 


This photo is Dyan’s first phase of cutting.

Going through a cut phase your metabolism can start to adapt to your low calorie intake. It is important to watch for signs of this happening, like slowed progress, changing hunger signals, low energy, low sex drive and mindset changes. It is most important to create a nutrition program for each individual that is going to create longevity and something that they can mentally and physically stick to for the long term. 

Dyan cut as low as 1580 calories (with a few high days in the week) and now we have her close to 2000 calories a day! As we have added calories back in she has continued to stay lean and see progress in her performance and energy. This step of the process is crucial and will set her up in an even better place for the next time we move into a cut. 


This photo is after reversing to maintenance, eating almost 500 calories more a day!

Thank you again Dyan for trusting the process and continuously dedicating yourself, you’re amazing!!