Double trouble tostada

Sometimes I just need something quick to make for lunch or dinner when my schedule is crazy busy and I dont have a ton of time to cook. These tostada’s are quick, easy to make, and satisfy the tastebuds! Here’s what you need to make one serving( two tostada’s):


-Tostada shells 

-65 grams of vegetarian refried beans 

-3 oz of grassfed ground beef 

-28 grams of reduced fat mexican shredded cheese 

-A spinkle of alfalfa sprouts 

-Hot sauce( I used siracha) 


Turn on your ovens broil option. While thats heating up, cook your ground beef until there is no pink( I cooked an entire pound of this earlier and had it in the fridge to use). Put shells on a baking sheet. Spread your refried beans over the top of your tostada shells, then your cooked ground beef. Divide cheese and sprinkle over both tostada’s. Put baking sheet in oven on broil and watch closely until cheese is melted. Once melted, take out, cover in sprouts and add hot sauce. 


As you can see, really easy to make, something you can easily make for the entire family and its right in time for cinco de mayo! I hope you enjoy! 


You can make different variations of this using ground turkey, chicken, shredded lettuce, salsa, pico de gallo, black beans….the options are endless! 


Macros for both tostadas:

34 carbs

16 fat

33 protein


fiesta tostada.jpg