Do This ONE Habit & Transform Your Nutrition!

It might seem too simple to be true, but we promise, if you start doing this today, you will notice massive, positive changes in your nutrition!
You will digest you food better
You will taste & enjoy your food more
You will be more satisfied
You will be more in tune w/ your natural hunger & fullness cues
We know, it sounds so simple, a little silly even.
How can eating slowly really transform your nutrition?
Our lives are busy, we are usually fitting in meals on the go or quickly so we can get to our next to do.
But what if we slowed down & took our time?
Eating slowly forces us to actually become aware of the tastes & textures of our foods.
Chewing our food well breaks down our food before it gets to our stomach, making digestion MUCH easier!
It’s proven that we need to actually smell our food as we eat it, in order to feel fully satiated, so taking our time with each bite will allow us to do this.
Slowing down gives our brains time to signal our stomach if we are truly satisfied or not. If we eat quickly, we can miss those queues & that’s where binges/ overeating can occur!
It’s also proven that junk food tastes WORSE when you eat slowly & Whole Foods taste BETTER! How about that?!
A few tips on eating slowly & mindfully:
•Chew each bite 20-30X
•Eliminate Distractions- be fully present
•Set your fork down between each bite
•Sit at a table to eat
•Eat until 80% full
Our challenge to you today is to observe how you eat. Do you Hoover your food? Are you surrounded with distractions like your phone, TV, etc? Are you always eating & multitasking? How many times to do you chew your food?
Try the tips we listed above & let us know how you feel!