curry chicken salad

Curry chicken salad

Lately nothing food wise has sounded good. My usual go to’s have been hard to choke down which is weird because I’m someone who can eat pretty much the same meals every day. After a couple of days of making my normal lunch and not being able to eat it, I decided I needed to bust out my recipes and try something new. I knew I wanted something easy, that didn’t have a ton of ingredients so I tested out a chicken salad recipe I found online and put my own little spin on it by adding curry powder.

Here is what you need:

-10.5 oz shredded chicken. ( I bought 2 chicken breasts and boiled them. First time ever boiling chicken and it was super easy. I just googled it.)

-3 oz diced red onion

-90 grams of diced celery

-40 grams of Organic dried cranberries (I used ones that have NO added sugar)

-150 grams of 2% plain greek yogurt

-2 tsp of curry powder (this you can just eyeball, I think I may have added a few more sprinkles to make the taste a little stronger)

-A small pinch or two of chopped cilantro.


While my chicken was boiling (it took about 15 minutes), I chopped my onion and celery. Then added my shredded chicken and craisins and mixed everything together. In a separate bowl I mixed the yogurt, curry powder, salt and pepper. Once mixed, I added that to the bigger bowl and stirred until everything was coated evenly. Added in the cilantro last and stirred one last time.


You can eat this plain, in lettuce wraps or on a salad. I ate it on a bed of arugula. It would be good with chopped apples or sliced almonds added to it too!


Macros per 1 oz:

.6 fat

2.4 carbs

3.4 protein

(I ate 5 oz of it on my salad to give you an idea of serving size).


I hope you enjoy!!


curry chicken salad