Counting calories & tracking macros don’t make memories during the holidays

Just a friendly reminder that spending time stressing over your calorie intake or trying to track your food at holiday gatherings is an epic waste of time & attention! Don’t miss moments & memories because you’re stressing about your food or drink consumption!
Even if you’re not counting or tracking it doesn’t mean you have to feel crappy or be totally thrown off track either! A few pointers for being mindful while not stressing or consuming yourself with your intake:
🎄 Try not to graze, fill up a plate and stick to that!
🎄Eat slowly
🎄Be mindful of portions
🎄Evaluate what foods you truly want! Leave the rest!
🎄Keep the indulgences to your holiday gatherings & then get back to normal routine!
Keep it simple, don’t go extreme worrying about it or completely losing yourself in the holiday food & drink. Enjoy, have fun, soak in the moments!