Reconstructing the balance of calories can sometimes be all you need!!!


Corina came to us mid- March wanting to lean down a bit and lose that “puff” Crossfitters can often feel as they gain muscle along with learning what the right balance of macros looks like for her. She came to us already eating a very clean diet, high in Whole Foods and micronutrients but being an awesome athlete, knew honing in on her macros was the next step to seeing the results she wanted. Although she has been hesitant to start counting macros in fear of it being tedious and not wanting to go down the obsessive route, To her surprise it has been quite the opposite! 

Katy and Corina have worked together to find what works best to balance her family life, vacations, social events and performance goals and how macros work into that!

She is a great example of how often times, just finding the right balance of macros for you, can make all the difference! We have only cut down about 150 calories while re-balancing and finding a sweet spot in macros! 

Performance is still rocking and she is finding that even if you take a day or weekend off, that doesn’t mean you have to make up for it the rest of the week, you always know how to get back on track and fuel your body right, not guilt yourself or punish it!

Great job Corina! We are so happy you chose Flex Fuel and are proud of all your hard work and dedication to the process!