Consistency Breeds Progress

We all want results and we all want them now. We live in a world that is moving faster, we can access information in the blink of an eye and we are promised a new body in 30 days. We can hop on a plane anywhere, any time and we can go through a drive through and have a hot meal in 3 minutes. Our world is changing at a lightening speed pace and by the time we get that shiny new toy, the next, better one is already coming out. But how does this affect our health and fitness journey? Are we getting sucked into that “quick fix, want it right now” mentality? Have you bounced around from diet to diet or workout to workout and have yet to see the results you are looking for? What if there is no such thing as the perfect diet or the perfect workout and all you really need is a little time and consistency?


I have worked in the health and fitness world for 7+ years and many years before that dabbled in all various diets and workouts. Sure, I have completely fallen in love with the sport of Crossfit and the world of Flexible Eating but that doesn’t mean im closed off to other methods. I love trying new foods and new workouts and am a firm believer that if you find something that works for you, all the power to ya! Could you imagine if we all loved the same things? Lame! Everyone brings something different to the table and if we are open minded enough, we can all learn a little somethin’ from each other. 

However, the biggest problem I see that I believe holds people back from seeing big results is consistency. Irregardless of what method you choose, you have to have consistency to see progress.

This is what separates the men from the boys, the winners from the losers and takes you to the next level.  It’s that thing that prevents you from gaining all the weight back after you lost it all on that 30 day challenge, it allows you to achieve goals you never dreamed of, have a body you never thought possible and most of all, creates a mindset that is laser focused and cannot be shaken.

It seems so simple, yet it is the one characteristic that I constantly see being overlooked and taken for granted. Consistency breeds progress. 

The road to our goals is not linear. There are a lot of ups and downs, challenges and points where we just want to flat out quit. It is in those times that it matters most to keep pushing and fighting for what we want. I had a Crossfit coach last year that really taught me a whole new meaning of what it meant to work hard, stay in my own lane and do the work day in and day out. I was focused on my goal and no matter what the daily grind threw at me, I put in the work. I had her to answer to each day and I knew excuses weren’t going to get me anywhere. The point is, looking back over a year, there were a lot of challenges but without those I wouldn’t be in the place I am today. That is not only a place where I can say I reached the goals I had set out, but It helped me to create new, bigger goals, mature and grow as an athlete, a coach and a person. Consistency, even when it seemed like the last thing I wanted to do, brought me major progress in more ways than one. 

Make the time. Create routine, create habits, create the space and the time in your day to make consistency exist in your life. If you haven’t already, you should read, 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, by Stephen R. Covey. It is a game changer and paints the picture of how and why successful people are the ones who are habitual in the way they do things. They know that consistency doing the small things every day, makes the bigs things happen over time. Make the time to be consistent.

Do What you Love. It’s not near as hard to be consistent doing the things you love. If you absolutely hate the treadmill, don’t do it!!! Find something you actually enjoy and stick to it. Sure, there will be days those things you enjoy seem daunting, so make sure to find the balance in it all. Dedicate yourself to sticking to a certain form of exercise, or certain food types for a week, then if you get bored or burned out, make a small tweak to your routine to spice it up. Small changes over time will create longevity and allow consistency. 

Live in the Moment. Focusing on the NOW, rather than worrying about what is ahead is the best way to stay consistent. It never ceases to amaze me how many people will try something for a week and be SO discouraged and shocked they aren’t seeing progress! A week?! Or even a month! Think about it, it took how long to get in the state you are now, why would it all go away or even improve tremendously in just a week?! Focus on each day, doing the WORK that it takes to achieve big goals and it will happen. It never happens as fast as we would like but it will happen and you will be able to look back, know you worked your ass off for the results you achieved and feel like a total badass.  

Don’t Make others Extraordinary. I heard this saying on a podcast with Lisa Bilyeu and it really hit home. It is so easy to make someone else extraordinary, why they can lose the weight, why they have it easier, why they can live the life they live because of “X,Y and Z.” But this is the very thing often holding us back, comparing ourselves to someone else’s journey, to why someone else CAN and we CAN’T. Stop it already!!! Like I said above, EVERYONE has struggles, no matter how successful, pretty, in shape, or happy they may seem, everyone has something they have dealt or are dealing with. Being consistent every day, focusing on ourselves and what we need to do to move ourselves closer to our goals is the only energy that should be spent. Stay in your own lane, be consistent, don’t build others up on a pedestal. 

Do every day, that which moves you closer to your goals. Consistency in the actions that contribute to our goals  can often  be overshadowed because of other clutter in life that ultimately doesn’t matter. If you sat down and wrote your top three priorities in your life and then made a list of every little thing that you do in a day, I bet you could eliminate a lot of fluff that is taking up time. Can you say Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email, TV, Internet… just to name a few?! Make the routine of food prepping, pre-planning meals, working out, going to bed early, reading a book, journaling, drinking water or whatever it may be, a consistent part of your day just like brushing your teeth or going to work. Set your excuses aside and just DO and if it doesn’t have to do with your current goals, get rid of it!

Bag the excuses-you are your biggest road block! Yes, life will happen, but the majority of the time, AN EXCUSE IS AN EXCUSE!!! The more you make, no matter how small they may seem, the longer you are holding yourself back. Stay out of your own way. Every time an excuse creeps up, become consistent with shutting it down. Often times becoming slightly robotic in your routine will allow you to make no room for excuses, don’t even allow them to be an option! 

Today, I want you to pick that one thing that will move you closer to your goals. Be consistent in that and do it every day. Put in the WORK and you are destined to succeed! 

Much love,