“Comparison is the Thief of Joy”


One of the opening statements in Precision nutritions post pretty much sums up how all of us have felt at times:

“It seems like everyone else is doing so much better than you. It seems like everyone else can handle their lives. Everyone Else quickly learns the habits we teach. Everyone Else is losing weight or gaining muscle or getting fitter so much faster and more effortlessly than you. Everyone Else has everything you don’t.

It feels like you are the only person in the world with your problems.

The truth is:


There are only imperfect, wonderful, messy, very-much-human beings with hopes and fears and desires and neuroses and jobs and lives and kids and dogs or cats and family demands and toilets that need unclogging and lines-becoming-wrinkles and hangnails and alarms that go off too early and a love of chocolate-chip cookies… and all the rest of reality.

Like you.

Like me.

Like all of us.

In other words…

We can stop worrying about being the only person who isn’t fit enough, smart enough, together enough, getting enough things done in a day, a good enough mom / dad / worker, whatever and we can pursue fitness, nutrition, and health goals that are actually realistic and attainable — and feel good about what we do instead of inadequate.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you Precision Nutrition for summarizing perfectly what I have a hard time putting into words. We have ALL felt this way at least one moment in time and social media does not make this any better. We see peoples highlights of their lives and assume thats the normal. Things are so easy for these top athletes we see on Instagram with chiseled abs who can spend hours each day in the gym. The stay at home mom with 3 children in different sports, who also runs a fashion blog and can still have these elaborate dinners ready by the time her husband gets home. The traveler, those hipsters we see with the cool clothes that take these beautiful pictures of places we can’t seem to manage exploring in our own busy lives yet they’re jet setting from place to place. Yes, their lives look pretty amazing on social media but what we aren’t seeing is the behind the scenes, the messy do overs, and emotions we all are faced with. The athlete with chiseled abs who seems to have an endless supply of time to spend in the gym actually gets up at the crack of dawn before the rest of her family to MAKE the time in the gym. The mom who seems to run the show without a flaw definitely has her moments of thinking ” what the heck have I gotten myself in to!” with spilled coffee on her shirt and runny nosed kids. Those travelers we see exploring new destinations actually work 40 hour a week desk jobs and save up every penny they can to explore on the weekends. Comparison is the thief of joy and by comparing our every day lives to these peoples highlights, we are drowning ourselves in expectation that is unrealistic and we will never fulfill. These people are human, they have struggles just like the rest of us and they didn’t achieve the things they have without a little blood sweat and tears.

So give yourself a little credit. Stop comparing your journey to others and start looking at how far you have come! What are some of your milestones you’ve reached in the last 6 months? The last year? Maybe you couldn’t run a mile 6 months ago and now you can run 2! Maybe you were grabbing fast food 5 nights a week and now you’re making healthy dinners at home 3 of those nights. These healthy changes are all something to be celebrated and you should never feel like your progress is inadequate compared to the stars you see on social media or even people you know personally. Focus on your journey and making those steps in the right direction to be the healthiest happiest version of you. You may never have rock hard abs, or be able to run a perfectly poised household while working full time but thats okay! You can rock your yoga pants with the best of them and you made it out of the house this morning with lunches packed, the dog fed, and a happier mindset knowing you’re doing the best you can and thats something to be celebrated. We are all doing the best we can in this messy thing called life, lets celebrate our victories. This week take some time to really think about how far you’ve come in the last year. 2016 is coming to an end and I think its important to reflect on all the milestones and victories we have achieved and start thinking about what you want to achieve in 2017. This your life so dream big and work your butt off because no one else is going to do it for you! 

Cheering you on from the sidelines with love,