Client Highlight: Tyler

Tyler became a client of Flex Fuel nutrition at the start of March…right before the pandemic hit. His main goal was to lean down and improve body composition so when the gyms closed down, of course he was a little worried about how that would impact his progress.


When it comes to changing your body composition, I would go as far to say that about 75% of your success in doing so comes from your nutrition and your habits around food. Being active and working out is a key component to health and making us feel good (post workout endorphins are real!) but you can actually see a lot of success just by improving your diet and Tyler is a prime example of that. Going from working out regularly in the gym and having a very active job where he did a lot of walking to both of those things being put on hold, I think its clear to see it didn’t stop him from making some amazing changes to his diet.


But don’t just hear it from us, here is what Ty had to say about his journey:


“My nutrition journey with Flex Fuel was guided by Mallory. Her attentiveness, care, professionalism, and expertise made my experience a very successful one. The most amazing take-away in our 3 month journey, was the timing in which we worked together; peak coronavirus, where my gym was not accessible. To remove that workout element means that my results are nearly 100% diet based. It’s beyond eye-opening to understand how the specific food and quantities you eat daily, affect your body composition and performance. Her knowledge and weekly planning created personalized nutrition goals on a weekly based. Her system kept me accountable and the structure was easy to follow. Though we were eating healthy nutritious foods, I indulged in treats daily which allowed for me to not feel restricted or tempted. To achieve these results in 3 months without the physical aspect of working out, proves that Mallory and Katy have the formula to success.”


Way to go Tyler!! We know you’ll continue to crush some amazing goals on your own!


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Coach Mal