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Client Highlight: Tarah!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tarah once before. While she was being coached by me, she found out she was pregnant with baby #2! She took some time off and came back to Flex Fuel to have us help her dial things back in. Anytime someone signs up with us, we have them fill out a client intake form so we can get a really clear idea on what they’re looking for, what the goals are, and who they are as a person. When Tarah signed back up, her main going was to feel better! She wanted to improve her sleep, her skin, her body aches and pains and get her cholesterol down.

In her time with me, we focused on finding the right ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fats to help support your busy lifestyle (she’s highly active in workouts AND we all know chasing around two kiddos keeps you very busy as well!). She was breastfeeding as well so making sure that she was able to keep milk supply healthy was another important factor.

At no point in her time with me did we have to take her into a huge deficit to get her these results. Consistency from day to day with nutrition, water, and workouts is what really fueled her progress. In fact, when her membership was up and we were discussing a game plan for her moving forward on her own, she’s actually sitting a little above her perceived maintenance calories which sets her up really comfortably to sustain her plan long term.

She was nice enough to answer these questions for me so you guys can hear what she had to say about her time working with Flex Fuel:

1) What fears or beliefs (if any) did you overcome in your time working with Flex Fuel? I was scared I couldn’t do it with everything going on in my life.  The last time I was with Flex Fuel I only had one child and a much less demanding job.  Would I have time to actually plan my food, etc?!

2) What do you see for your future moving forward, any new goals? Do you feel confident in achieving those goals? My goals going forward are to keep this journey going with the skills I’ve learned from Mallory.  It’s not just about food or body composition.  It’s about finding ways to cope with life, stress, which will ultimately affect every other area of your life.

3) What was your goal in signing up with Flex Fuel, do you feel like you were successful with that? My goal was to feel better (skin, sleep, digestion, strength…) I accomplished all of that and more.

There are a variety of gimmicks, “miracle” products, weight loss supplements, diet fads, but Flex Fuel and the coaching they provide is sustainable for real life.  I never felt deprived, heck, I never even felt hungry.  It’s about learning what your one of kind body needs to be happy and healthy, which will in turn will result in a strong, capable body you’ll love.  You won’t regret joining Flex Fuel and changing your life!”

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Thanks Tarah for being part of the Flex Fuel family and let us help you in your journey! I have no doubts that you’ll continue to crush whatever goals you set for yourself!!


Coach Mal


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