Client Highlight: Rebecca

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Becka since the end of October of last year. She started Flex Fuel with the goal to lose body fat and improve her performance in the gym. She’s a teacher who is on her feet throughout most of the day and wanted to improve her energy levels. At the time she was hitting the gym about three times per week and told me that one of her biggest challenges was that she used food to cope with emotions. Fast forward to the present and some high stress situations like going through a pandemic, the gym getting shut down and her job becoming one from home yet she kept her health a priority through it all.


We all face stressful situations or go through moments in life when we feel like the world is against us…I’m pretty sure most of us had moments of this for 2020, what a year. We are never going to be able to keep things from throwing a wrench in our plans, thats just life but if you can focus on improving one habit at a time and spending the time to establish a solid foundation with your nutrition and workouts, you’ll feel equipped to handle whatever is thrown your way.


We are lucky as coaches to be able to check in with our clients on the weekly and tackle lifes challenges as they come. Becka was nervous to start this program but its apparent from her progress just how committed she was to change and how awesome she is doing at going after her goals! She’s had trips to see family, dinners with friends, a new puppy, and had to establish a new normal like the rest of us when the pandemic shut things down but she didn’t let that stop her. Our program truly is a lifestyle change and we are here to help you every step of the way, through every up and down.


Here’s what Becka had to say about our time together so far:

“I have been working with Flex Fuel since October, 2019. I have lost a total of 39 lbs and 16 inches. My goal(s) have always been to lose weight, first and foremost. I’ve worked with Mallory and not only is she great at this but I can tell she really cares about me and that is important to me. I was skeptical at first; I have never liked tracking my food, but I knew that it was time to give it a go. A few pearls that I’ve learned: more protein, always drink water, small victories, positive self talk, I can’t eat all of the fruit, boo, and weirdest of all, I am inspiring others. Who knew? I am not finished with this program but I know that I can and will get there. The best part of all, I KNOW that I will not gain it all back and more, like every other ‘diet’ I have tried. I am different. My life is different. Thank you, Mal and Flex Fuel.”


You rock girlfriend! So excited to continue this journey with you and see what more you will accomplish in 2020!