Clean Slate: 5 Ways to Start off the Day Right

A clean slate for all the choices I have to make in a day and one of the first decisions I have to make is what I’m going to put in my body first. This sets the tone for my entire day. Is it a pancake with strawberries and whipped cream, a big cheesy omelet with all the fixin’s or oatmeal and scrambled eggs kind of day??? Whatever it is, it doesn’t go without a side of coffee and peanut butter almost always finds it’s way in there somehow! 

Breakfast can be the most difficult meal for people to get in sometimes. Alarm goes off, rush to the shower, get the kids ready, feed the animals, do morning chores, kids to school and off to work on time…..before you know it you have forgotten all about you and what your body needs! Planning just a little extra time in the morning to eat a well-balanced breakfast will keep your body fueled for that first part of your day, prevent energy crashes, keep your metabolism working properly and keep you from binging mid-day once you hit that “hangry” stage and end up eating anything you can get your hands on!

Everyone has different preferences on what sounds good early in the morning. You may love waking up to a big feast or like to keep it light. Whatever you prefer, there are so many different options out there to start your day right and keep it time and macro friendly! Below are some ideas to either satisfy your love for breakfast, or hopefully make you a breakfast lover!!

“Overnight Oats- Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana”

40g dry oats/1 cup water or milk of choice/50g mashed banana/1/2T peanut butter/1 Scoop protein Powder. **This can be modified using different milks or different fruits, get creative!** Put in a mason jar or container night before, heat in microwave or over stove top the next morning!

Macros: 25P-42C-9F

Everything Omelet

138g egg whites/2 oz mushrooms/2 oz zuchinni/2 oz peppers/1 oz cheddar cheese/1 slice turkey bacon. Mix all ingredients in a bowl night before or morning of, pour over medium heat pan and cover. Let cook until egg is done and veggies are tender. Fold in half and top with salsa, avocado or any other toppings you love! Pair with toast or an english muffin for more carbs!

Macros: 28P-7C-12F

Yogurt and Berry parfait”

5oz non-fat greek yogurt/5 oz mixed berries/1 oz granola/1/2 scoop protein powder. Try this with different berries and different granolas or cereals. Mix together and enjoy! 

Macros: 23P-29C-3F

“3 Ingredient Protein Pancakes”

100g banana/1/2scoop protein powder/92g egg whites. Top with berries, whip, peanut butter or any other toppings you fancy! 

Macros: 20P-24C-1F

“Zoats or Caulioats”

4 oz  grated zuchinni or 100g riced cauliflower/138g egg whites/40g oats/50g raspberries/1/2T peanut butter/1/2 cup water. Combine all in a saucepan and cook over medium heat until fully cooked. Change it up with different fruit or different nut butters! 

Macros: 36P-39C-7F **using zuchinni, macros slightly vary using cauliflower**

Hopefully these give you some fun, easy ideas on how to start your day right! Interchange ingredients and make them your own!

Flex Fuel Coach,