Christine- 4 Years of Nutrition!

Meet Christine! She has worked with Katy on and off for 4 years!

She is the perfect example of how our goals change, life changes and our nutrition should constantly be assessed and shifted in order to be conducive to our lifestyle and goals!

Over the years we have worked together to make sure she is reaching her goals. Sometimes it was more important to be leaner, others it was to have a balance of feeling her best in the gym and in her clothes! Whatever the goal has been, we were always communicating and tailoring nutrition to where she is at in her journey.

Christine Says:

I started Flex Fuel 3 1/2 – 4 years ago with Katy.  I saw the progress of my coaches and I wanted to lean down and not deprive myself of the foods I love.

Running 30-40 miles a week plus doing cross fit was not doing the trick.  I had to add in nutrition. I was also over doing it with exercise.  I cut my running way back to only once a week (this was hard at first) and continued doing cross fit 4-5 days a week.  I believe weight training and nutrition is key.

My biggest challenge is finding the right balance of exercise.  I tend to over due it and I have to remind myself if I’m watching my nutrition I don’t have to do as much. Katy (my coach) also wanted me to add in a rest day and that was hard.  When I first started flex fuel I focused on the scale way too much.  I did it for six months and saw amazing results.

I tend to take the summer, Fall and part of the winter off and start up in January to get ready for the summer.  I’ve tried to do it on my own but being accountable to someone makes it easier.  This is my third time and again I saw great results. However I’ve learned a lot from the past two times I’ve done it. First of all don’t focus on the scale, measurements are key.  There are many weeks I weigh myself only 1-2 times a week.

If I’m feeling swollen from a tough workout or it is that time of the month I know I won’t like what the scale says.  I weigh four pounds more than my first time and my measurements are the same.  I lift heavier weights now so I’m sure that’s why.

Also I don’t deprive myself from the things I can’t live without, which is coffee and pizza.  I enjoy birthday parties, vacation, etc…and when I slip up I just get right back at it.  The first time I did this I use to stress out about social events but not anymore.  You can make anything work if you just plan.  I’ve had the same coach (Katy) every year and she knows me.

Katy is real and a great motivator.  She knows everyone needs to enjoy life and there are going to be times we slip up but she always knows what to say and do to get me where I want to be.  I couldn’t do it without her!  Other diets I’ve been on are not sustainable.  It has to be a way of life.  I don’t want to go without coffee, sweets, alcohol and pizza.  This fits me. 🙂 


Thank you Christine! We are so happy to have you as a part of the Flex Fuel Fam!

Here are more photos of all of the phases in the past 4 years!