Cheers for our client Sheila!

We love seeing our Flex Fuel clients crushing their goals! Sheila recently got her level one Russian Kettlebell Certification after some major dedication to her training program and her nutrition.


I’ve gotten the honor of working with her since January of this year and we’ve made some awesome strides in her health and strength. She’s always open to any suggestions I make and puts 100% effort into the process. Her instagram videos of her holding handstands and her L sit work are always jaw dropping to watch, the girls got some major core strength!


Over our time together we have been able to increase her intake to a place where she feels her best in her workouts and is really able to push her training. We’ve periodized her nutrition (going through a cut phase, a reverse, maintenance phase) over the last 11 months so optimize performance but also go after some of those body composition goals she was aiming for.


Her strength and dedication to the things she sets out to do is so inspiring so we wanted to give her a shoutout! Here is what she has to say about the program:


“I have been working with Mallory at Flex Fuel Nutrition since January 2019. When I contacted FlexFuel I was struggling with thyroid and hormone imbalances. I was concerned that how I was fueling myself was contributing to my problems and also preventing me from seeing the success I wanted in my training. I wanted to increase lean body mass and wasn’t sure how to go about it without potentially creating more hormone problems.

Mallory has been amazing at educating me on the science behind macros, the challenges of living in a deficit diet, how my diet affects my sleep, hormones, and how I need to fuel for my training.

In October I completed my RKC Level 1 Certification. Mallory was a key player on my coaching team to help me train for this goal. We worked together to make sure I was fueling my body appropriately and taking rest as I needed it so I could recover. 
Through my time working with Mallory, I have strategically increased my food intake, added lean muscle mass, decreased my overall body fat, increased the quality and quantity of my sleep and had huge training breakthroughs in the gym.

Mallory and the team at FlexFuel are an absolute joy to work with!”


Sheila, you’re the one who is an absolute joy and beast in the gym and we’re so excited to watch you crush your goals for 2020!


If you have some big goals for 2020 and aren’t sure the best plan of action to get there, message us at and we are happy to chat!