Can’t kick the sugary coffee drinks or creamers?

Can’t kick the sugary coffee drinks or creamers?

Try adding powdered cinnamon to your coffee, it’s delicious ?

Cinnamon is also full of antioxidants and can help as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Another bonus? On a study published by PubMed, cinnamon can also lower blood sugar levels by decreasing the amount of glucose that enters your bloodstream after a meal.

PubMed also reports that it can lower fasting blood sugar levels by 10-29%!

If you’re trying to reduce the amount of sugar you consume but are having a hard time with your coffee, try adding this amazing spice to your cuppa Joe today??

Bulk Recipes

Do you set out with good intentions to eat well, have your food prepped & ready… only to get to the end of the week scrambling to throw together your meals?
Enter: bulk recipes.
The life saver of busy days. If you’re sleeping on making meals in large batches, you’re missing a major opportunity to save lots of time & headaches.
A few tips for bulk meal prepping:
??Double or even triple the recipe, especially if you’re feeding 2+ people! This way you can feed everyone & have leftovers for a couple days!
??Use the crockpot or Instant Pot so you can “throw it all in & forget about it!” Come home at the end of your day to a cooked meal!
??Weigh your entire batch in grams or ounces, use your recipe feature in your app- set total number of grams or ounces in the servings section. This will easily allow you to measure out your serving later on.
??Load your recipes up with tons of veggies! Bulk recipes are a great way to sneak in more veggies & greens!
??Freeze for later. Casseroles, crockpot or instant pot meals are great to package up & freeze for later, so on those extra busy weeks where you just can’t seem to get ahead, they will save the day!
Our bulk recipe this week:
White Chicken Chili
Perfect for these cold Winter days!
Head to link in bio for the full recipe! Search white chicken chili.

Ways To Get More Protein

Protein: The essential nutrient we all need, yet we find that for most people it tends to be the most challenging macronutrient to hit!
As a general rule of thumb, we need .8g-1.2g per pound of bodyweight, depending on our goals. If you’re overwhelmed on where to start, making sure you’re getting enough protein is a great place. A few benefits of taking in enough protein:
??Builds & repairs muscle
??Keeps us satisfied & curbs cravings
??Helps build a “lean” & “toned” physique
??Strong bones
??Gives us energy
??increases metabolism- our bodies naturally burn more calories w/higher muscle mass.
??Helps us recover & “bounce back” from workouts more quickly.
Aiming to get protein at each meal & snack will help us more easily hit our protein target for the day. Ways to get protein:
??Chicken, chicken thighs, chicken tenderloins, chicken sausage, ground chicken.
??Beef: ground, steak, pot roast, jerky.
??Fish: cod, tilapia, salmon, tuna, etc!
??Eggs & egg whites.
??Spirulina. Throw in soups & smoothies!
??Protein packed pasta: chickpea, lentil, edamame.
??Kodiak cakes, protein powder, protein bars.
??Lentils & beans
??High protein veggies like Brussels, asparagus, broccoli, peas.
These are of course just some of the ways! Make it a goal to get in the right amount of protein for you each day & reap the benefits! Remember, our bodies can’t store protein for later use, so be sure to get in the right amount each & every day!!

Healthy Swaps

There is always a way to make it a little healthier! Small, healthier choices throughout our days can make a huge impact of our overall caloric intake and nutrient intake. Next time you go to order food or make a meal, take an extra moment to think- “how can I make this a little healthier?”
What’s one thing you need a swap for? Comment below & we will help!

Do you eat black beans?

Do you eat black beans?

Not only do they add protein and fiber to your diet…

they also have potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc!

Black beans also offer a variety of phytonutrients like saponins, anthocyanins, kaempferol, and quercetin, all of which possess antioxidant properties.

We love adding them to our breakfast scrambles, salads, or as a side to dinner!

Adding a 1/2 cup serving to your day adds about 7 grams of fiber so it’s an easy way to bring your daily fiber up?

If you’re looking for a way to change up your breakfast, try adding them to your eggs this week!

A hard truth coming atcha this morning.

A hard truth coming atcha this morning.

The foundational “small” things you’re skipping because you think they hold no real value to your weight loss and health are actually a big deal and will give you big results if you stick with them. ⠀⁣
Those other methods you keep jumping to because they sound like the magic cure to your problems are actually unnecessary in getting you the results you want (especially if you don’t have the basics down first) and most of the time, they’re unsustainable. ⠀⁣
Focus on the basics and building a strong relationship with those things first because they actually have a big payoff. Plus, if you’re struggling with drinking enough water in your day or adding in an afternoon walk, what do you think is going to be easier about keto? Or cutting calories down to 1000 a day?⠀⁣
What’s harder? Smaller yet effective change that’s sustainable? Or trying yet another “magic” extreme that you can’t stick to and lands you back right where you started. ⠀⁣
Choose your hard. ⠀⁣
How many times have you lost weight following a restrictive diet only to gain it back once you went off? ⁣

Maybe it’s time to believe in the magic of small positive habit change instead of looking for the quick fix in grand promise extremes. ⁣

What’s one thing you want to add to your days this week that make you feel really good?

Tracking Biofeedback

Paying close attention to your biofeedback can help in your weight loss journey. ⁣

What’s biofeedback? Simply put, it’s your body giving you signals on how it’s functioning. ⁣

✔️Sleep quality⁣
✔️Energy levels⁣
✔️Sex drive⁣

When you notice a negative shift over time, it could be your body saying “hey, this isn’t working optimally and a change is needed.”⁣

If you’re putting all of your focus on the scale, it could feel like a never ending cycle of emotional highs and lows every time you see the number shift. ⁣

Paying attention to your own biofeedback can give you a better understanding of what is working (when those things above feel good!) and what isn’t (when sleep and energy plummet and hunger/cravings skyrocket). ⁣

The best way to keep track of your trends is to write them down! Use a notebook, a word doc or excel to track your biofeedback from day to day. ⁣

For example: if you’re trying to lose weight but hunger is at an all time high, your workouts feel sluggish and your cravings for any and all high processed foods is a daily battle…maybe just maybe you’re eating too low of calories. OR, within those calories you’re not eating enough protein with high quality fats and carbohydrates. ⁣

The best way to be successful in your weight loss journey is to have awareness and the easiest way to do that is to track biofeedback while tracking current intake to see where to make positive changes. ⁣

A coach can be a super helpful way to tackle this beast and finally get those results you’re wanting. You can apply for 1:1 on coaching here!⁣



The Flexfuel Minicourse

When we have a clear understanding of our body’s specific nutritional needs, we are way more likely to be successful in making changes.

Not based off a fad diet.

Not based off any extremes.

You don’t have to cut out entire food groups or food that brings you joy.

This mini-course takes out the complexity and confusion by giving you an easy to understand science-driven education.

Not only does it break down the science, it teaches you how to apply it to your lifestyle!

No more starting a new diet and feeling like you’re failing.

No more spending hundreds of dollars on supplements or strict meal plans.

Real science. Real application.

A two-module mini-course that teaches you the foundational principles of the FlexFuel Method so that you can fall in love again with eating well, respecting your body, and finding food freedom!

Head to the Flexfuel Minicourse link on our site for this one-time purchase!

Summer Rolls w/ Peanut Sauce

Summer Rolls w/ Peanut Sauce

This recipe is so easy to make & great for a meal or just a quick snack, especially on a hot day! They’re so fun to make because you can use any combo of veggies & protein you like for the filling!

Summer Rolls
✔️6-8 Rice Paper Wraps
✔️1 lb Chicken Breast, diced
✔️2 Cups Purple Cabbage, sliced
✔️2 Cups Shredded Carrots
✔️2 Cups Cucumber, sliced
✔️Fresh Basil Leaves
✔️Fresh Cilantro

Peanut Sauce
?1/3 Cup Peanut Butter
?2T Coconut Aminos
?1T Sesame Oil
?2T Rice Vinegar
?1-2T Sriracha
?2 Cloves Garlic
?1-2 T Water

Dip rice paper in water for a few seconds, carefully pat dry on a towel, then lay on a flat surface. Fill with each ingredient & wrap up like a burrito! For the sauce combine together until well blended!

Our batch of sauce made 6oz.
Macros for 1oz: 9F 7C 3P
Approx. Macros for 1 roll w: 3oz of chicken:
20P 15C 1F

Happy Friday!

Foodie Friday – Gluten Free Pasta

✨Foodie Friday✨

We’re loving the different grain free and gluten free pasta option!

If you’re looking to switch things up, get a higher protein content and bump up fiber…make sure to add these to your next grocery trip!

Make sure to like, share and save this post if you or someone you know is needing a great alternative to regular enriched pasta!