Here at Flex Fuel Nutrition, we don’t like to take life too seriously.

Here at Flex Fuel Nutrition, we don’t like to take life too seriously. Don’t get us wrong we take our client’s health & goals VERY seriously… but in our experience, making sure to have fun along the way is the secret sauce to success!
What kind of nutrition plan would it be if it didn’t allow you to socialize, to have dinner with your family or to cheers a glass of *insert your fav drink here* with your friends?!
We always want to make sure that we marry what it takes to reach your goals, with something that’s realistic & sustainable in real life.
To be blunt, it’s not always as bright & shiney as those fad diets, shakes or pills might seem, allowing you super fast & extreme results. But extremes almost always never last. We’re here to bring you a way of nutrition that lasts. That allows you to have fun, to not feel constantly restricted & enjoy your life along the way.
Your nutrition & your life should feel like they mesh, you should feel like you have to try to force one into the other. It may take some time, some hard work, some learning & some challenges, but we know you can get to a place where it becomes effortless & you feel amazing.
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Real People. Real Change

Real people.
Real lives.
Real challenges.
Real victories.
Real change.
Real coaching.
We feel so connected to all of our clients because we want to dig deep to Into what hasn’t worked for you, what will work for you & going every step of the way by your side to help you reach your goals.
How many times have you dieted & felt like you failed? Or maybe even worse, how many times have you dieted, succeeded? Only to be back where you started a few months or years down the road?
A successful nutrition plan is one that is going to work for you and give you results you can keep & you feel confident knowing how to keep.
In this reel you see the physical bodies that were transformed through 1:1 coaching, through hard work, through not giving up when things got challenging or life threw things for a loop. They did the physical work but they also did the mindset and habit work it takes.
Interested in making a change that lasts?
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Set goals for YOU!

Set goals for YOU. ⁣

Stick to your commitments.⁣

Put your health first.⁣

Prioritize the habits that make you feel good. ⁣

You know what starts to happen? ⁣

Your self confidence starts to grow.⁣

You start to trust yourself more.⁣

You get thicker skin. ⁣

You’re happier. ⁣

You put less emphasis on the scale and more focus on the things you’re proud of accomplishing.⁣

You start to go after the things you want instead of talking yourself out of them.⁣

You stop waiting for the “right time” because it’s now. ⁣

You’ll feel empowered. You’ll feel more confident. You’ll start to love yourself more. You’ll grow in resilience and strength…..and with those feelings, your energy glows and that’s the kind of thing that is truly beautiful!

A Quick Chat About Mornings

🌝🌚 Mornings absolutely set the tone for our day. The thoughts that start as soon as our alarm goes off and the habits that immediately follow can make or break a positive day.⠀⁣
We can choose to leap out of bed, running late and let the negativity crawl in OR we can practice a calmer more rewarding morning. ⠀⁣
These are 5 very basic, yet effective, habits of happier healthier people that you can start implementing right away. ⠀⁣
P.s. Do you make your bed every morning?

All about THE GRIND

Well, I definitely thought my bicep flex was bigger than that, pictures give us a good dose of reality I guess! Lol! This is why we tell our clients to take progress photos, they allow us to see things we don’t always see in the mirror!! 😂 (I kid, I like my biceps!😉)
Anyways, I’m not here to talk about my arm muscles today, I’m here to talk about THE GRIND. And honestly I hate that phrase, I’d rather refer to it as OUR STORY or something more inviting because truly, what we do day in & day out, creates OUR LIVES & it’s a beautiful thing!
Seriously, it’s crazy to think about. Every day that goes by, creates our lives & we’re never guaranteed the next one. So many people think, “I’ll do that tomorrow,” but how foolish of us to bank on that guarantee that there is one…
At Flex Fuel, we heavily believe in ACTION. Stop talking about it, & take that action. We don’t care how small, just DO something that will start to move the needle. Action breeds confidence, motivation & sparks a 🔥inside you may not have even know was there.
Make a plan, even if it’s a half of a plan & start there. Get accountability & DO.
Did you know we offer FREE nutrition consults? Seriously, head to the link in our bio if it’s even a curiosity in your mind & let’s chat!
This isn’t a sales pitch, it’s real talk. Real talk that we believe in YOU. We believe that you can reach your goals & we want to help. We believe it takes hard work, but we got your back, girl!
REMINDER: Action usually fairly unexciting! Less extreme, the better!
TODAY is your day, not yesterday, not tomorrow or the next. TODAY. Now. Take action!!!
Get after it today, we’re right here by your side, doing it with you💪🏼

Imagine This…

You DESERVE to feel rockin’ in dem’ jeans… or whatever it is you want to rock!
Have you ever caught yourself saying, “that’s so cute, but I could never wear that!”
It’s time to stop wishing you could feel great in any outfit you put on. How do you make that happen?
Decide to.
Determine what will create that feeling for you.
Is it being more consistent with workouts?
Is it drinking more water?
Is it ditching the sugar or processed foods?
Is it being consistent?
Is it reigning it in on alcohol intake?
Is it rearranging your priorities?
The only thing standing in your way is most likely deciding that it’s time. Ditch the excuses & get out of your own way!
It’s time to slip on those jeans, feel like you can conquer anything that comes your way & we’re here to help!
We’re not going to say it’s easy, but it IS possible & the reward far outweighs the work!
SAVE this post for a daily reminder that you DESERVE this feeling! Send us a DM & let us know if this post resonated with you!

Truth Bomb

Truth bomb: Your self confidence has way more to do with your lifestyle and habits than it does with how you actually look. ⁣

Ever crushed one week of workouts or did really good with what you ate and suddenly you feel SO good? ⁣

It’s not that your body really changed in one week, it’s because when you do those things it honors your body and builds your self trust and that feeling impacts what we actually see. ⁣

Action ✨breeds✨ confidence.⁣

Stop waiting for the “right time” to start making changes. The right time is the second you know you want better for your life. ⁣

Don’t believe the lies your mind tries to tell you. ⁣

“I’m always going to struggle with my weight.” 🙅🏼‍♀️⁣

“I have no control.”🙅🏼‍♀️⁣

“I’m getting older so it’s too late to make any real change.” 🙅🏼‍♀️⁣

“I’ve failed before, what’s the difference this time…”🙅🏼‍♀️⁣

Stop that nonsense. Start believing you can and start taking action. ⁣

You are the only one who can decide if you’re willing or unwilling and that’s honestly the beauty of it.

Reasons why you’re always starting over.

Instead of thinking you’re always failing, maybe it’s time to start looking at the systems you’re using and if they’re failing you. ⁣

A great nutrition plan should allow for flexibility in the foods you eat and allow balance to enjoy the fun stuff in your life. ⁣

Spots just opened up for 1:1 coaching and we would love to help you get off the diet roller coaster! ⁣

Shoot us a message or head to our website to apply for coaching 💛 We can’t wait to chat!

Feeling stuck, unmotivated, or “blah:?…

I (Katy) have recently been in a major funk of just feeling unmotivated in like, all the areas of life. Ha! If I’m being honest🤷🏻‍♀️ but something tells me I’m not alone.
I think we all have these times in life. Sometimes I feel so ready every day to tackle my workouts, to make new recipes, to get 500 things done in a day… and other times, like lately, it’s like pulling teeth to drag my ass into the gym, cook anything other than the same 4 meals I rotate through and do my necessary tasks.
I got to thinking, what will pull me out of this funk? What will at least spark a little bit of motivation in me?
I think we get caught up in the way of thinking, that to be motivated in our workouts, we need to maybe find a new kind of workout, or crank some music, or just toughen up. Or, In our nutrition we just need to suck it up & eat the chicken, broccoli & rice & stick to a strict plan. But, I’ve come to realize if we find something that gets us excited, even if it has nothing to do with our workouts or nutrition, that can be the little spark we need that starts to trickle over into every area.
I love being creative & I love doing little projects & realized I’ve completely got away from doing anything like that. So I set my sights on a project & having that escape & creative outlet, slowly lights my fire & helps me find it in other areas too!
Trying something new can definitely help, or just getting back to basics & things that you love, might just be that thing you need!
What’s one thing that lights your fire?!🔥

Are you mowing your lawn while your house is on fire?

Are you mowing your lawn while your house is on fire?
We get questions all time like:
“Should I eat 7 meals a day?”
“Should I do intermittent fasting?”
“Should I try Keto?”
“Should I change my macros?”
“Should I cut more calories”
“Should I get rid of sugar, alcohol, fun…?”
“Which supplements should I take?”
“What about meal timing?”
There’s nothing wrong with any of these questions, but if you don’t have basic healthy habits down first, like:
-High quality sleep habits
-Eating majority Whole Foods
-Drinking substantial water
-Eating a consistent intake day to day
-Incorporating daily movement (minimum 30 minutes)
-Managing stress
Then this is what we call mowing your lawn when the house is on fire. Take a look at your daily habits and how you currently eat. Writing down everything you eat in a day is a great place to start because it brings to light the reality of everything you’re taking in!
Are you doing everything listed above? If you are and you’re still not seeing the results you want, then it’s time to dig deeper! But until then, focus on the little (and maybe not so exciting, but effective) details and then re-evaluate! It’s easy to get caught up in the next big trend & hop around from one thing to the next without giving the simple solutions right in front of us a solid effort!
Are you guilty of mowing your lawn when your house is on fire? What simple habit can you improve on before jumping to something else?