Just a little reminder

Remember, the simple things often make the biggest changes✨

If you’re having a hard time being consistent with your current diet plan, slashing more calories isn’t the answer.

If consistency with your current eating has been challenging and made your progress stall…slashing your calories even more isn’t going to help. ⁣

It’s going to make it harder. ⁣

If you feel like you’re good all week and then have really high calorie weekends…⁣

If you have multiple days where hunger strikes and you eat over what you had planned…⁣

If your current targets feel manageable some days but most days you’re resorting back to old habits…⁣

Making drastic changes to your current intake or eliminating entire food groups to help progress move is just going to continue the cycle of feeling like you’re always “starting again”⁣

Small, sustainable changes ALWAYS win. ⁣

Get consistent, follow a nutrition plan that feels sustainable for the long run and give it time🧘🏼‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️

4 easy steps to start your day off strong! ⁣

4 easy steps to start your day off strong! ⁣

✔️Write down two positive affirmations about yourself. You’re capable of amazing things, don’t forget it! ⁣

✔️1 random act of kindness. Feeling in a slump or bummed out? The best way to turn things around is to do something kind for someone else. ⁣

✔️3 things you’re grateful for. It can be so easy to focus on the negative or the things not going right. Shift your perspective and remember all the things that are good! ⁣

✔️ Call someone you love. If you’re going through a tough time, someone else you care about might be too. Drop in, say hello and remind them that you care. It’s a double win to turn both of your days around. ⁣

We preach nutrition on the daily but health doesn’t just stop at the foods we eat. Our mindset and mental health is a huge part of our quality of life. ⁣

What are you doing this morning to help you feel more positive about the day ahead? ⁣

We would love to hear it! What is one thing you’re doing this morning that makes you feel really happy?

You DON’T have to give up to succeed!

We’ve found that in the nutrition space, when people want to make a change, it’s common to focus on what we CAN’T Have. We want to flip that script!
Your nutrition should be exciting honestly, there is absolutely a way to become our healthiest selves AND eat delicious food, be social, have a positive relationship with food & live out the life we dream of!
Our nutrition shouldn’t feel like a list of “no’s,” instead it should feel like a daily opportunity to give our bodies life!
In our Flex Fuel Method Course, we teach you all of the foundational principles to set you up for long term success. You will have structure & a clear plan for your entire year!!
Our course alone is amazing, but we know life is full of twists & turns, that’s why we created our Flex Fuel Membership! This gives you access to us through the entire year (at a low price point!) to help guide & support you along the way! There’s only 2 days left to get in on our first membership group! Head to the link in our bio for the full spread of details or shoot us a message with questions!!
We should all have a sense of URGENCY when it comes to our health! The time is NOW to get started!✌🏼


A healthy body = …

If one of these ingredients is missing, it’s next to impossible to feel our best. We may have amazing nutrition or know all the right foods to eat, but if our mindset is poor, it creates more stress in our body & makes it much harder to truly feel great from the inside out.
If we nail our nutrition but we aren’t moving our body, we will eventually come to a plateau. Movement naturally puts us in a better mind space, so if you’re struggling mentally, we encourage you to move your body!
Remember, we are what we eat, so eat nutritious, life- giving foods & you will be full of life! Movement is our body’s natural way of giving us life, energy & a boost of endorphins!
In our brand new course & membership we’re going to teach you how to tackle all 3 of these areas (and have chocolate while you’re at it😉). It’s truly so simple, but as humans living in the busy day to day, it can feel overwhelming! Maybe you feel lost on where to start, struggle with mindset or have tried 100 diets & are burned out…. Wherever you’re at in your journey, we want to help!
✨Learn what your body needs
✨Learn how to read what your body is telling you
✨ Learn how to structure your nutrition throughout an entire year!
✨Learn how to break the cycle of never-ending dieting
✨ Find freedom in your nutrition

You hear it all the time…”small sustainable habits add up to big change.”

You hear it all the time…”small sustainable habits add up to big change.” ⁣

But maybe you’re not even sure exactly what that looks like when applying it to your life.⁣

When you’ve decided to set some goals for improvement, start by taking inventory of your life. Look at your daily habits….what is serving you in a positive way and what could be improved? ⁣

Once you’re more aware of your habits, that’s when you can start implementing small changes to them that are more in alignment with your goals. ⁣

It might seem like such a small change but those small shifts add up over months, years of repeated habits. ⁣

Scroll 👉🏻👉🏻 to see some common examples of habit changes that can lead to big results over time! Please like, share or save this post if you find it useful 🤘🏻



Winning is more exciting w/ someone by your side.

Winning is more exciting w/ someone by your side.
Failing has a little less of a sting w/ someone by your side.
Learning is greater w/someone by your side.
Doing life, chasing goals, climbing mountains & doing the work… is all better w/someone by your side.
We believe in supporting each other, in accountability & power in numbers. A huge part of our coaching is teaming up & collaborating w/ our clients to create success! One thing we’ve learned is, we can have all the knowledge in the world but if we don’t have support & accountability, the likelihood of follow through is much lower.
This is why we created:

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This is a way to take ownership of your nutrition, get educated & have accountability & guidance every step of the way, all at a low cost (can’t beat that right?!)
What you get:
🤍The Flex Fuel Method Course
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Are you ready to take full control of your nutrition, once & for all?!!

The way we speak to ourselves matters.

The way we speak to ourselves matters.
Whether it’s out loud or in our heads, the words we speak & the thoughts we think will eventually become our reality.
Do you catch yourself thinking or saying things like:
“I could never do that”
“I’m disgusting”
“I’ll never get there..”
“I always fail”
“I’m too busy”
“I can’t give up _____”
“I’ll do it tomorrow”
“I guess This is just my reality now..”
Fill in the blank….. we all have negative thoughts but we all have the choice to feed those thoughts & give them life, or shut them down & change the course of our thoughts.
Today’s challenge: Take ownership of your thoughts. Choose a mantra – either the one written above or make your own. Anytime you feel a negative thought creep in (about your job, body, your mind, anything in your life)… stop. Take a few deep breaths, then repeat your positive mantra. Do it while looking in a mirror if possible so you face yourself & really start to believe it.
It might feel a little unnatural or silly at first, but if you want to change you’re course, it starts with your mind. Sometimes we have to fake it until we actually believe it!

Breakfast mornings…

Sometimes breakfast is full of lots of veggies, fresh fruit and eggs. Other days it may be as simple as a toasted bagel with cream cheese.

Our lives are intricate, busy and always shifting and your nutrition should be flexible enough to bend and accommodate.

Ps. This Lucerne brand pumpkin cream cheese is the best one I’ve tried so far, 10/10. (Sometimes I think pumpkin flavor can be perfumy, this isn’t!)

I just got back from 9 days of vacation and it didn’t go quite as I had planned…⁣

I just got back from 9 days of vacation and it didn’t go quite as I had planned…⁣

It was my first time staying at an all inclusive resort and I thought it would be really easy to find foods similar to what I eat at home. ⁣

That really wasn’t the case. The resort had a lot of fresh fruit but fresh veggies were hard to come by and most of the foods they offered were things you would only pick off the midnight menu after a night of drinking in college.⁣

Cheese quesadillas.⁣

You get the idea. Whenever I travel, I like to stick with the foods I typically eat because they make me feel my best. My nutrition doesn’t feel like a prison sentence, I *like* eating healthy. So when we got to Mexico and quickly realized the food options weren’t stellar, we did the best we could with what we had. ⁣

I could have let it overshadow my entire trip feeling guilt about food choices and worry over lost progress but instead I unplugged from my phone, was present in the moment and just did the best I could. ⁣

Sometimes your good intentions won’t go quite as planned. Thats a perfect time to remind yourself that you’re consistent most of the time so that you can enjoy those moments of less control….sitting by the pool sipping a pina colada🍹⁣

Now back to reality and the structure I actually missed😎⁣