Food for thought…

As women, it’s been engrained in us to be smaller & eat less. If we hungry we should try to resist or control the urge because if we eat too much we may get “too big”… ironically this dieting culture mindset is what inevitably causes women to have an unhealthy relationship w/food, gain unwanted weight or starve themselves to stay small.
It’s a novel concept, but what if we just ate when we are hungry? Now, don’t get us wrong, stress, lack of sleep, emotions & mindset can all play I to skewing our ability to evaluate when we’re truly hungry, but paying attention to what our body is really telling us can create amazing change In body composition, performance & our relationship with food.
Next time you feel hungry ask yourself if you’re really truly hungry, wait another 5-10 minutes & if the answer is yes, go for it! Remember it’s easiest to gauge our hunger/fullness ques when we eat while, unprocessed foods, drink plenty of water & eat slowly- allowing our body to fully digest.
Stop ignoring what you’re body is telling you! Feeding your body when your hungry & stopping when you’re satisfied not only produces results but it creates a healthy relationship with food!

Holiday Nutrition Advice

This time of year shouldn’t be about losing weight or trying to be perfect on your macro… it’s about enjoying this super fun time of year & each day asking yourself what success means to you!
Christmas time is filled with socializing, parties, family time, travel & more indulgent food & drink than normal. You SHOULD enjoy all of the special moments but it doesn’t mean we have to throw in the towel completely on our efforts to make good choices either!
❄️Enjoy the yummy food & drinks you’ve been looking forward to!
❄️On days you may not have anything festive going on, try to focus on eating & drinking what makes you feel great!
❄️Keep moving your body!!
❄️Don’t stress over the days that your food is off & know this time of year is just a short blink in time! Do your best- don’t stress!

Healthy Swaps

There is always a way to make it a little healthier! Small, healthier choices throughout our days can make a huge impact of our overall caloric intake and nutrient intake. Next time you go to order food or make a meal, take an extra moment to think- “how can I make this a little healthier?”
What’s one thing you need a swap for? Comment below & we will help!

5 Ways to Take Control of Your Nutrition

A huge challenge that we hear from… well pretty much everyone… is that life is so busy, prioritizing & planning for good nutrition can easily pushed down on the list. However, the great news is, nutrition doesn’t have to suffer just because your days are jam packed! Actually, we would argue that if you don’t make it a priority & find a way to keep good nutrition amidst a busy life- your body will MAKE you slow down & prioritize it eventually- so why not beat it to the punch?
5 Ways to integrate healthy eating into your busy days:
1. Stick to the basics- think lean proteins, veggies, starchy carbs like fruit, sweet potato or squash & healthy fats like avocado, coconut or olive oil, nuts, seeds & fats from your protein sources.
2. Always have your fridge stocked. Not having food available is what resorts to fast food stops & take out or using that lonely box of hamburger helper In the back of your cupboard. When you do have some extra time, make some crockpot meals you can throw in your freezer for those nights you’re in a real pinch!
3. Plan your week & make it easy! Repeating breakfast & lunch and rotating dinners we’ve found makes for super easy planning & doesn’t leave you food prepping all day on Sunday! It may not be overly exciting but when life is busy we have to do what works !
4. Use your resources! Curbside grocery pickup, meal delivery services & an internet full of quick, easy, healthy meal ideas makes it even easier to make healthy eating happen in a “go-go-go” world!
5. Take control. No matter how busy we are, we are all in control of our own days, map out your schedule for each day & week. Know where your breaks are, know what could trip you up & plan accordingly. Don’t let your day control you- you control your day!
Do you struggle w/ letting a busy schedule sabotage your nutrition?

How to Fix Your Sleep Schedule

Sleep is that glorious time when our body recovers from the day. It allows our hormones to repair & rejuvenate, it keeps are metabolism healthy & gives our body the time it needs, to be ready for the next day. If we don’t get proper sleep, we will inevitably run our body’s into a state of under recovery.
Do you struggle with:
👉🏻Falling asleep easily
👉🏻Sleeping soundly through the night
👉🏻Waking up feeling rested
👉🏻Recovering from workouts
👉🏻Chronic low energy
If so, your sleep routine may need a little facelift! Follow this handy guide for quick ways to improve your sleep!💤
What’s one way you see you can improve your sleep?

Foodulous: Food + Fabulous

We believe in feeling great.
We believe in loving what we see in the mirror.
We believe in eating the foods we love with no guilt.
It IS possible to have all of these things & if you feel like you’re exempt from this rule, we’re here to tell you differently! Having all of these things take discovering what habits & foods work best for you. It takes establishing what you absolutely won’t give up & what you can do without.
We love nutrition coaching because every client is different, each of us are on our own unique journey to what success & optimal health looks like.
A little Tuesday reminder that you CAN have all of this and more🖤 message us for all the ways we can help!

Holiday Season Advice

During this holiday season, maybe the real success is continuing your daily habits that make you feel really good….not weight loss. ⁣

A lot of you may want weight loss and for some, maybe that means throwing yourself into a diet that feels really extreme and honestly….unsustainable during these next two months. ⁣

Instead of focusing on weight loss, the real success is found in sticking to your daily priorities that continue to promote your health and make you happy. ⁣

That could look like:⁣

🧘🏼‍♀️Sticking to your gym routine.⁣
💦 Continuing to prioritize water. ⁣
🥦Eating 2-3 cups of veggies daily. ⁣
🍌Enjoying fresh fruits. ⁣
🥩Eating adequate protein (the Thanksgiving turkey makes this one easy!)⁣
🍩Moderating the foods that taste good and enjoying them on the holiday itself rather than having them every day. ⁣
🧋Limiting the sugary drinks (helllooo, so many fun holiday drinks!) ⁣

It’s really simple….instead of striving for perfection or a complete overhaul of your diet…make small daily habits your goal and you’ll come out of this season feeling like a champ🎄

Maybe, just maybe…you shouldn’t be dieting.

We’ve talked about this multiple times but it’s a subject worth repeating. ⠀

A lot of people want to dive into diet land (eating in a calorie deficit) but end up being stuck in the “pass/fail” mindset for months, not making any strides forward. ⠀
Or maybe you’ve been living in diet land way too long and you’re burned out. ⠀

❌If you’ve been dieting more of your adult life than being at maintenace. ⠀

❌You feel like anytime you eat outside of your diet, you gain weight. ⠀

❌If you don’t prioritize sleep, water intake, daily exercise/movement, or eating healthier foods, managing stress.⠀

❌If your stress levels are high or a big life change is coming that could bring high stress. (A breakup, longer works days, working swing shifts, loss of a family member, loss of your job, a PANDEMIC Etc) ⠀

❌ If you feel like you’re a prisoner to hours of working out in order to avoid gaining weight. ⠀

❌ You want to lose weight but mentally, you’re checked out of “dieting.” ⠀

If any of those points sound familiar to you, it’s probably time to think about bringing your calories up to maintenance and hanging out there for awhile. ⠀

There isn’t anything wrong with maintenance, it’s actually a great place to be and a place you should be more often than not. Most people are just scared of it because diet culture as created fear around food and made you believe that you need to be eating less and less.

In our Flex Fuel course, we teach you how to slowly bring your calories up over time, how to find what your maintenance calories are and how to enter a diet phase when you’re ready!

Have questions about the course? Shoot us a message, we’re happy to talk!

(H)Anger is an emotion.

(H)Anger is an emotion. ⠀

If I’m out running errands or if my day runs later than normal and I’m past my normal eating times with no snacks, you better steer clear 👹. ⠀

It’s really hard to stick to your plan or eating the healthier options once you’ve reached a certain level of hunger. That’s when “blackout mode” happens and suddenly you’re eating the first 3 things you could get your hands on. Am I right or am I right? ⠀

That can be resolved with better planning and having a snack on hand in case of emergency but what happens when you’re trying to lose weight and you’re constantly hungry?⠀

Losing weight shouldn’t be a day to day, hour to hour battle against hunger. Some level of hunger is normal (you’re eating in a deficit) but if you’re constantly feeling the urge to snack, there could be a few things you’re missing that’s increasing your hunger. ⠀

👉🏻A lack of adequate protein. Protein takes your body the longest to digest, thus keeping you full longer. Plus, it promotes positive body comp changes and uses the most energy to digest (energy=calories, you literally burn more calories digesting it than other foods). Aim to get some at every meal. ⠀

👉🏻Not enough water. It’s easy to mistake dehydration for hunger. When you stay on top of your hydration, cravings feel more controllable. ⠀

👉🏻Low food quality (takes very little effort for your body to digest so you’re hungry sooner). Nutrient dense whole foods are going to satisfy you much longer than anything overly processed.⠀

👉🏻Low fiber, which usually goes hand in hand with low quality food. Fiber gives you that full feeling after meals. A general target for women is 25-30 grams a day, 30-35 for dudes. ⠀

👉🏻Make sure you’re eating your veggies. Veggies are low in calories but high in vitamins and minerals. This is an easy way to bulk up your meals. Aim to get 3-4 cups a day. ⠀

If you’ve checked all those boxes and you’re still battling never ending hunger, your calories could be too low. It doesn’t hurt to talk with a coach and get a better idea of your body’s needs. ⠀

If we eat well & move our bodies like we were meant to, we will feel better.

If we eat well & move our bodies like we were meant to, we will feel better. We will naturally get:
⚡️A mood boost
⚡️An energy boost
⚡️Healthier Hormones
⚡️Better sleep
⚡️Improved body composition
⚡️Less cravings for food that doesn’t add to our health
⚡️More cravings for food that gives us health
⚡️Less aches & pains
⚡️Increased natural immunity
It’s a chain reaction. If we even start with one small, healthier change, it can change the entire course of our life & well being.
It’s time to choose you. To put your health & the things that makes you feel like the very best version of you first.
If you’re not sure where to start, we’re happy to get on a free consult call w/ you to help you navigate what the best next steps would be for you!🖤