🌱Nourishing my body with healthy foods means a lot more than weight loss…⁣

🌱Nourishing my body with healthy foods means a lot more than weight loss…⁣

It means I’m sleeping like a baby. ⁣

It means I have energy to live my life on my own terms, not held captive by those energy lows that make even the simplest things feel tough. ⁣

My self confidence increases because I’m keeping important promises to myself. ⁣

I feel in control of my hunger, no longer obsessing over food and whether it’s good or bad. ⁣

No guilt over having a cocktail or a cookie. There is room for those things too. ⁣

Healthy eating isn’t a punishment for weight loss…it’s a liberation from all the old thoughts I used to have about what I thought dieting was. ⁣

As you continue your path into this new year, I encourage you to explore your eating habits. Do you feel free or do you feel trapped? Your diet should enhance your life, not restrict it💛

What if you made this the last Monday you “start on Monday”?

Do you find yourself constantly promising yourself you will “be good” or “start fresh” multiple Mondays throughout the year? Do you keep promising yourself “this will be my year!” Only to let the year go by & wish you had stuck to that diet, reached that goal or ate healthier?
What if you stopped hitting reset & dug down deep to the habits & mindset changes that are needed to make real change, once & for all? What if enjoying life & feeling great from the inside out was just second nature to you?
We seriously, deep down, believe that you can stop this cycle. It takes hard work, dedication, learning & not giving up, but it IS possible.
Make this your last Monday your start over. From this point forward make a promise to yourself that you will start a never ending journey to just doing your best each day to live a life where you feel great & live life in the way you dream of.
Are you ready to make this year the year of never starting over again?!

Taking radical responsibility for your shit, might just be the most powerful thing you ever do.

Taking radical responsibility for your shit, might just be the most powerful thing you ever do.

You’ve always had the power to make the changes you want, but first you have to navigate the things, reasons, excuses that are holding you back.

When we don’t take responsibility for the things that don’t go right, we unconsciously give away the power we need to change them.

Or if you keep trying something that continuously fails you, maybe it’s time to try something different.

Something that fits your lifestyle. Something that doesn’t make you cringe when you think of your next meal ahead. Something that enhances your life, not limits it.

We have our second coaching group starting next week and maybe the thing you’re looking for is expert support…so you can make changes that stick once and for all.

Wherever you’re at in your journey, know you’re not alone. We would love to help and have a ton of different coaching options available to fit your specific needs. Shoot us a message if you would like details on our powerful plans 💪🏼🙌🏻

The choice is always yours to make. ⁣

The choice is always yours to make. ⁣

There is nothing wrong with staying right where you are, if you’re happy there. ⁣

But if this year is ending with a repeat of years past where you truly want to feel better, it’s time to take your power back and believe real change can happen. ⁣

Own where you’re at, decide where you want to be and shift your narrative to believe you can. The magic starts with that simple decision and from there you can start to cultivate real change💪🏼

Look at the road ahead.

Look at the road ahead.
Is each day a surprise?
Are the days, months & years owning you, sneaking up on you & not panning out like you’d like?
Or are you in control?
Are you taking ownership?
Are you confident?
Are you creating a body & a life you love?
Another year is about to start, will you make this a year where you call the shots? Where you feel amazing & feel vibrant & alive? We believe it’s your year & we are here for you. Don’t try to do it alone. Great things happen with a team of support around you.
Christmas is almost here (which we hope you fully enjoy, bye!) & then 2022 is right behind it! We have 1:1 coaching spots, one-time macronutrient set-ups, The Flex Fuel Course & The Flex Fuel Membership available! Don’t miss your chance, reach out now & get the ball rolling on a New Year that is going to set you up for a lifetime of healthier habits! 2022 is your year to never look back & only get better & better!

Counting calories & tracking macros don’t make memories during the holidays

Just a friendly reminder that spending time stressing over your calorie intake or trying to track your food at holiday gatherings is an epic waste of time & attention! Don’t miss moments & memories because you’re stressing about your food or drink consumption!
Even if you’re not counting or tracking it doesn’t mean you have to feel crappy or be totally thrown off track either! A few pointers for being mindful while not stressing or consuming yourself with your intake:
🎄 Try not to graze, fill up a plate and stick to that!
🎄Eat slowly
🎄Be mindful of portions
🎄Evaluate what foods you truly want! Leave the rest!
🎄Keep the indulgences to your holiday gatherings & then get back to normal routine!
Keep it simple, don’t go extreme worrying about it or completely losing yourself in the holiday food & drink. Enjoy, have fun, soak in the moments!

Overcoming Negative Thoughts

Overcoming negative thoughts about your body might feel like a losing battle sometimes. ⁣

Sure we should celebrate strengths and the things we love but sometimes that’s hard when you’re staring through a lens that only focuses on what you hate. ⁣

If you’re someone who hates your stomach and only focus on that being your mark of “being in shape”…you’re probably missing out on all the other positives you’ve achieved. ⁣

You might never have a six pack. So what happens when you’re constantly working for that, checking your abs every day only to see you’re still not there? ⁣

Does that mean you’re not healthy? ⁣

Does that mean you aren’t doing something right? ⁣

Does that mean you’re still not successful in your fitness? ⁣

Heck no! ⁣

Maybe you’re someone who just doesn’t have the genetic makeup to have abs and that’s okay! ⁣

It’s kind of like the saying “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”….⁣

Don’t let the one part of you that you hate, be the deterrent of your pass/fail for success. ⁣

Instead, start working to accept your body as it is. Maybe it’s not grasping for body love of those parts but more of an acceptance of them to allow you to see all the parts of you that are amazing. ⁣

What are you doing that you’re really proud of right now?

Keeping it FUN!

One key ingredient that works pretty much every time when trying to find the right nutrition plan is keeping it FUN! This may sound Uber simple & a little silly but it’s so important to establish nutrition habits that allow us to enjoy life, the foods we love & have fun w/ it. We’ve found after working with hundreds & hundreds of clients, if they’re not allowed to be creative, eat the foods they love & learn how live the life they love while knowing how to implement good nutritional habits… it’s usually a means to an end!
Learning how to master this is the secret sauce! If you’re feeling bored w/ your food or aren’t sure how to balance foods you love w/ nutrition that will help you look & feel great… look no further, we got you!
We have many different ways you can work with us, all at different price ranges! Message us for details!

Food for thought…

As women, it’s been engrained in us to be smaller & eat less. If we hungry we should try to resist or control the urge because if we eat too much we may get “too big”… ironically this dieting culture mindset is what inevitably causes women to have an unhealthy relationship w/food, gain unwanted weight or starve themselves to stay small.
It’s a novel concept, but what if we just ate when we are hungry? Now, don’t get us wrong, stress, lack of sleep, emotions & mindset can all play I to skewing our ability to evaluate when we’re truly hungry, but paying attention to what our body is really telling us can create amazing change In body composition, performance & our relationship with food.
Next time you feel hungry ask yourself if you’re really truly hungry, wait another 5-10 minutes & if the answer is yes, go for it! Remember it’s easiest to gauge our hunger/fullness ques when we eat while, unprocessed foods, drink plenty of water & eat slowly- allowing our body to fully digest.
Stop ignoring what you’re body is telling you! Feeding your body when your hungry & stopping when you’re satisfied not only produces results but it creates a healthy relationship with food!

Holiday Nutrition Advice

This time of year shouldn’t be about losing weight or trying to be perfect on your macro… it’s about enjoying this super fun time of year & each day asking yourself what success means to you!
Christmas time is filled with socializing, parties, family time, travel & more indulgent food & drink than normal. You SHOULD enjoy all of the special moments but it doesn’t mean we have to throw in the towel completely on our efforts to make good choices either!
❄️Enjoy the yummy food & drinks you’ve been looking forward to!
❄️On days you may not have anything festive going on, try to focus on eating & drinking what makes you feel great!
❄️Keep moving your body!!
❄️Don’t stress over the days that your food is off & know this time of year is just a short blink in time! Do your best- don’t stress!