Cashew chicken stir fry

Ingredients for one serving:

5.5 oz of diced chicken

170 grams of stir fry veggies (I needed something quick so I bought the big bag of already mixed broccoli, carrots and snap peas from my local grocery store)

1 TB corn starch

4 tsp of Bragg’s coconut aminos 

1/4 cup(30 grams) of whole roasted cashews, smashed into pieces. I used the bottom of a drinking glass to gently break up the whole cashews. 


-First, spray your pan with non stick cooking spray and add chicken.

-Cook diced chicken until white all the way through and no pink shows, remove from pan.

-Spray again with non stick spray and add veggies and cashews. Put lid on pan and cook veggies for about 10 minutes on medium heat, stirring every couple minutes, until veggies are cooked and easily pierceable with a fork.

-While your vegetables are cooking, mix Bragg’s coconut aminos, corn starch and 2 TBL of water. 

-Once veggies are done, add chicken back to pan and pour the corn starch mixture over the stir fry, cook another couple minutes while stiring to coat everything.

-Remove from heat and enjoy! 


Macros for one serving:

27.4 carbs/ 14.4 fat/ 46.8 protein


cashew chicken.jpg