Carrie- Age 58

Name: Carrie Boyd

Age: 58

What led you to flexible eating/ Flex Fuel?

My snacking was out of control. I knew I needed help with accountability. My daughter told me about this program.

What do you do to stay active?

Crossfit, hiking and many dog walks because I have 3 energetic dogs!

What has been your biggest challenge through this process so far and how did you overcome it?

Truly being honest with myself. I have been a huge sugar addict for years!


What has been your biggest success through this process so far?

Finally allowing myself and well being to come first. Along with getting off the sugar addiction train.

What do you like most about the flexible eating process?

I can eat what I want within moderation. Learning to adjust my menu based on my activities and commitments for the day.

What is your favorite treat to fit into your macros?

Peanut Butter! On toast, apples etc.

What is your favorite macro hack?

Any fun late night snack I can fit into my macros. Like chobani yogurt, with fruit added and freeze it.

What do you like most about having a nutrition coach?

Having someone to be there through my successes and hold me accountable during my failures. Someone who isn’t family or a friend. Sometimes it’s easier to share kinda personal stuff with someone you aren’t close to.

Would you recommend other to Flex Fuel and why?

Of course yes! The accountability factor is huge. The blogs, recipes, the facebook posts from people in the group. It has been life changing but understanding it is ok to be human too!


Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication Carrie, we are excited to continue this journey with you towards your healthiest life!