Bulk Recipes

Do you set out with good intentions to eat well, have your food prepped & ready… only to get to the end of the week scrambling to throw together your meals?
Enter: bulk recipes.
The life saver of busy days. If you’re sleeping on making meals in large batches, you’re missing a major opportunity to save lots of time & headaches.
A few tips for bulk meal prepping:
👉🏻Double or even triple the recipe, especially if you’re feeding 2+ people! This way you can feed everyone & have leftovers for a couple days!
👉🏻Use the crockpot or Instant Pot so you can “throw it all in & forget about it!” Come home at the end of your day to a cooked meal!
👉🏻Weigh your entire batch in grams or ounces, use your recipe feature in your app- set total number of grams or ounces in the servings section. This will easily allow you to measure out your serving later on.
👉🏻Load your recipes up with tons of veggies! Bulk recipes are a great way to sneak in more veggies & greens!
👉🏻Freeze for later. Casseroles, crockpot or instant pot meals are great to package up & freeze for later, so on those extra busy weeks where you just can’t seem to get ahead, they will save the day!
Our bulk recipe this week:
White Chicken Chili
Perfect for these cold Winter days!
Head to link in bio for the full recipe! Search white chicken chili.