Buddy system

I think we all feel this way, like “hey! I know them!” like Elf proclaims about Santa when he sees him at the mall. I wish I could have flown with them to witness their incredible strength in person but they have a huge support team back here in Washington cheering them on. As much crap as crossfit gets about being a cult, we don’t really care. If cult means supporting each other, cheering on every single person until the task at hand is accomplished, a family like dynamic of people who care as much about you succeeding as you do, then so be it. Watching video clips from this weekend, seeing pictures on instagram of some of my favorite crossfit athletes and reading about the support from one athlete to another is a huge reminder why I love this sport. Strength in numbers. 


The people we surround ourselves with have a huge impact on our lives. Find people who are all striving to be better, healthier, stronger individuals and you yourself will start trying to be a better, healthier, stronger person. The individuals we are around all of the time can have a big impact on our health, our motivation and how hard we push ourselves in the gym so finding someone who shares those same goals as you is going to help make your journey much easier than someone who doesn’t care. 


This is why something like crossfit has done so well and has such a large fan base, because you have that support of a group, a sense of community. Its much easier to go to class and give it your 100% effort if you have people right there with you doing the same, cheering you on. I can guarantee most of the time you’re going to get a way better workout with someone than if you were to go do a workout alone. If you aren’t someone who does crossfit, thats okay, no biggie, but you should seriously consider finding a workout buddy and here are my reasons why:



    1. Accountability! Having someone hold you accountable in making it into the gym on workout days and then having that accountability to give it your all in your workouts is huge. If you know someone is depending on you to show up, your less likely to skip. 


    1. Friends=fun! Having a friend there can make things more fun. You can laugh at yourselves, catch up on small talk during your warm up and cool down, you can make the workouts something you can do together (I’ll include a partner workout at the end of this post), you can both celebrate your victories along the way and be a support system. Plus, I know a huge reason that people stay away from the gym is because they’re insecure about going alone and not knowing where to start. Bring a friend and you’ll feel a lot better about walking into the gym. 


    1. Competition and intensity: Having someone to workout with pushes you harder, simple as that. Healthy competition is a great way to try harder each day. Our minds tell us to quit before our bodies do, having someone encourage you to push through those tough times could get your further than you may have pushed alone. 


    1. You always have a spotter. Lifting weights? Having a workout buddy means you’ll always have someone who can spot you on your lifts and watch to make sure you have correct form.


    1. Motivation. I’m motivated in the gym by seeing other people increasing their weights, getting faster, having a strong endurance etc. Having a workout buddy can motivate you to keep moving and always striving to do better. 



This week I challenge you to ask a partner, a friend, your significant other, or a co worker who you know is struggling to go into the gym on their own to go with you. Or if you’re struggling to build up the courage to go on your own, ask a buddy to let you tag along. Either way, get up and get your butt moving because this year is your year. Why can’t it be? The only thing in your way is you but by grabbing a workout buddy, you’re giving yourself a better chance at sticking with it. Make it fun, laugh at yourselves, don’t take it too seriously but put in the work because a year from now, you’re going to be happy you started today. 


Happy Monday!




Here’s a fun partner workout you can do at the gym!


20 min AMRAP( As many rounds as possible) 

*5 power cleans at #95(scale your weight if this is too heavy)

*10 bar facing burpees 

*20 wallballs( #14 ball, again you can scale the weight of the ball used)


One partner works at a time, your rest is while the other partner is moving. IMG_0884.jpg