Big Mac Salad!

This is probably one of the easiest salads to throw together and it tastes like a famous delicious burger…The BIG Mac. Sometimes I want simple. Sometimes I want dinner ideas I can make in under 10 minutes. So today, I bring you the easiest salad out there.


What you need:

-Ground beef


-Romaine salad

-Reduced fat shredded cheese

-Hamburger Dill pickle chips

-Annie’s Organic thousand island dressing


Start with cooking your ground beef. I used Open Nature grassfed ground beef (the 93/7 one). If you’re making a single serving, I would use 4-5 oz to ramp up the protein. I seasoned mine with a little garlic powder and seasalt, you can use whatever seasoning you like!


While my ground beef was cooking, I rinsed and chopped my hearts of romaine and put them on my plate.

I then diced 2 oz of tomato and sliced up a handful of pickle chips ( I used hamburger dill flavor) and added both to my salad.

Once your beef is cooked, add that next. I then used 1 serving (28 grams) of shredded cheese to add to my salad and topped it off with 46.5 grams of Annie’s brand organic Thousand Island dressing. Am I the only one who had never had this dressing before? It always kind of weirded me out, one of those things I had classified as “gross” as a kid and never tried again until now. It brings all the flavors together of your salad and really makes it taste like a big mac!!


Macros for entire salad:

13.7 carbs

21 fat (I’m sure you can find a less fat version of the dressing but I wanted the full fat stuff!)

33.5 protein


Make sure to leave a comment below if you try this and let us know what you think!


Coach Mallory